Game Review: Valley


A friend of mine bought me this game called Valley for Christmas and I finally got around to finishing it a few weeks ago.

It turned out to be a really fun game, if a bit short. I’m a very slow player yet I managed to finish it in only 4 hours. Basically you’re an archaeologist exploring a mysterious valley that’s full of weird light creatures and buildings etc. from WW2 era. You find this thing called a L.E.A.F. suit and naturally you just put it on and go running around with your new robot legs. The suit helps you explore easier and figure out what happened in the valley.


The gameplay is smooth and I at least didn’t run into any issues other than my own stupidity when I couldn’t figure out how to get to places. The graphics are absolutely beautiful and that alone made exploring pretty worth it. No one can definitely say the movement is slow because there are times when you’re going fast it gets a little scary when you don’t know what’s waiting behind the corner. There’s not a lot of combat in the game, but you get to do some shooting and there’s at least one (ridiculous) boss battle.


One of my favorite things about the game was how it handled death. There was an actual explanation for the player coming back to life! The valley itself revives you and every time it happens there are more dead trees everywhere and if you let the valley’s life run out it’s game over. Luckily you can prevent that by shooting trees with your L.E.A.F. suit’s energy, which brings dead things back to life (it also works in reverse, if your suit is low on energy you can take energy from living things). This was all really cool to me.

Valley is definitely worth checking out, but since it’s so short I at least would recommend getting it from a sale. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone faster than me finished the game in less than three hours.



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