Anime Review: New Game!

Let’s continue with the very anime theme from last time!


I recently stumbled on an anime called New Game! which is about a girl called Suzukaze Aoba who gets a job at a video game company after high school. It’s based on a manga by Shoutarou Tokunou. Since I’m also interested in making video games I was instantly curious about this anime and it turned out to be really cute and funny. The actual game development/character design side (Aoba works in the character design team) is mostly a thing that happens in the background and the anime focuses more on the characters’ silly antics, but that was fine because honestly, good luck making an interesting show about people who stare at computers all day unless they’re interesting people.

One funny thing about the game company was also that everyone who worked there was female. I don’t think there was a single male character in the entire thing except the director’s cat. Not that I mind, it was actually kinda nice to see since game development is usually considered a field that has more men than women in it.

New Game had a decent amount of fan service, but it didn’t bother me since it wasn’t totally over the top. Most of it was just one character sleeping in the office in her underwear. That same character also obviously had a bit of an implied romance going on with her friend, so if/when there’s a season 2 I’m interested to see if it becomes more than that. Because it was that obvious.

To be honest, the only thing I had a problem with in the anime was how fast Aoba learned 3D modeling. In the first episode she says she has never done it (how did she get her job?) and then in the next episode she’s already modeling characters. I don’t know if it’s just me but 3D modeling is hard. I supposedly studied it and I still can’t do anything fancier than.. bookshelves. Aoba is a scary fast learner I guess.

I definitely recommend this anime to anyone who’s interested in game development even though it isn’t super informative on that topic, especially if you like nice happy slice of life anime.



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