The Mr. Men & Little Miss Character Tag

Lauren tagged me to this thing that was originally started by Charlotte @ Wonderfully Bookish and it looked really fun so I was a good girl and did this right away! My answers ended up being super Outlander heavy so that probably says something about me lol.


I’m cheating with the first question and not picking a book character because I’m awful! I came up with answers to all the other ones so easily… But a character who makes me happy: Garrus Vakarian from the Mass Effect trilogy because he’s my space husband and I have decided that no matter what the ending he and Shepard are forever happy together and adopt cute krogan babies.

Agniezka from Uprooted is the first to come to mind. I love the way she feels her way around magic instead of memorizing spells.


Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser! He’s always there helping Claire and Jamie especially in the second Outlander book and the fact that they gave him a bigger role on the TV show just made me appreciate him more.


Malva Christie from the 6th Outlander book (A Breath of Snow and Ashes). I had high hopes for her character because Claire basically took her on as her student/assistant and taught her everything about healing and then she just… ended up doing a lot of very bad things and causing a lot of harm to everyone. It made me sad.


Fred and George Weasley count as one character right? They were always hilarious.


This has been very Outlander heavy already but I wanna give this one to the mother&daughter team Claire and Brianna. I mean, Claire is a doctor and Brianna ended up studying engineering of all things. I’m not the biggest fan of Brianna but her and Claire are both some pretty damn smart ladies.

I’m pretty sure Lauren already tagged anyone I could have possibly thought of tagging BUT if you think this is fun you should totally do it!

I’d love to see how my fiancé answers these, even if he did this with video game characters or something (so Akselmo consider yourself tagged, HA!) 


2 thoughts on “The Mr. Men & Little Miss Character Tag”

  1. I might aswell reply here lol

    Mr. Happy
    Harry Potter and his friends. I'm sorry but I can't just pick one. The first three books/movies/games always make me smile and the nostalgia hits me in a good way. The rest of the books/movies/games are good aswell.

    Little Miss Magic
    Grieving Mother from Pillars of Eternity. She is very.. Strange and mysterious, I really liked her character. She just oozes of magic and secrets. Really liked that.

    Mr. Quiet
    I like Sagani from Pillars of Eternity, she can be really quiet and replies just with one or two words, but when you talk to her you'll learn that there are many stories to be covered. Also shoutout to Eder from the same game, who isn't that quiet but still a bit quieter than the rest.

    Little Miss Bad
    My favorite villain must be Dagoth Ur from Morrowind. I don't want to spoil it, his plan is pretty amazing and he is a cool villain.

    Mr. Funny
    There are so many that it's hard to choose just one but I'll just pick one at random: Frasier. I don't watch many TV shows because I don't like just sitting still twiddling my thumbs, however Frasier is one of those rare TV shows I could rewatch many times and still laugh at any time. I enjoy Frasiers character a lot, and his brother Niles is really funny too.

    Little Miss Brainy
    Gandalf from LOTR is all I can think of. Wise old man. One of my favorite characters of all time really.


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