Crypt of Darne (My fiance made a game!)


“You enter the Crypt of Darne and you’re looking for a specific gem. Will you survive?”
Crypt of Darne is a free roguelike-ish dungeon delving game, where you make a character out of few race-class combinations and explore a crypt, trying to find a specific gem. You’ll know it when you see it, but it is hidden deeply in the crypt. Good luck!
Download the game here.

Last summer my fiance Akselmo participated in the Games Made Quick gamejam, during which he started working on a little roguelike game. As the name suggests the gamejam was really short but he continued working on the game over the summer and actually finished it! So yes, this is totally a “look what he made!” bragging post.

Crypt of Darne is a very simple game where you don’t even need to use a mouse. You create a character and start your adventure in the dungeon, fighting enemies that get tougher and tougher as you go and also collecting items. Your main goals are to survive as long as possible to get a high score and maybe, if you’re lucky enough to get that far, find the treasure you’re looking for and beat the game. I know Aks worked hard to make the game challenging so beating it is not so easy. The dungeon levels are generated randomly so they’re different every time.



Crypt of Darne is actually a small part of a bigger RPG world Aks is working on, so there’s a lot of backstory to it, which is why there are also a couple of PDF files to go with the game that explain the world a little bit. I actually made the character illustrations to the one that tell about the different playable races, so yay I contributed. I like that Aks included a bit more than just the basic humans, elves and dwarves to his fantasy world. There are (obviously) lizard people and also werewolves and shark people so you have a lot to choose from!


So yeah go check out Crypt of Darne!! It’s actually pretty addictive because it’s so easy to just keep playing.

The game is free, but there is an option to pay whatever you want for it if you happen to really like it and want to support the developer.



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