October FairyLoot: Villainous

I’ve wanted to give one of these book subscription boxes a try for a long time now but since I don’t live in the UK or US the shipping costs have always put a stop to that dream (Fairyloot ended up being over 40€ with shipping). Since it was my birthday this month and the October Fairyloot sounded so good I ended up asking for it as a birthday present from my mom (thanks mom!) and it finally arrived yesterday!

October FairyLoot: Villainous

Since this was my first Fairyloot ever I was probably almost annoyingly impatient while waiting for it but it was totally worth it. All the things in the box were really pretty!

October FairyLoot: Villainous

I love the coaster and I don’t think I’ll actually dare to use it as a coaster because it’s so pretty! The death eater pin is also surprisingly cute considering it’s, you know, a death eater symbol. Let’s not tell anyone that I opened the Maleficent candle super carelessly and almost got glitter all over the bed. The candle smelled pretty strong so the lid will probably have to stay closed because my fiance is pretty sensitive to strong scents but it’s still pretty.

October FairyLoot: Villainous

As an art nerd all the little print things that came with the box were also super nice! I especially love the Language of Thorns post cards, I just wish there wasn’t art on both sides of them because would be nice to have all of them on display at once.

October FairyLoot: Villainous

And finally, the books! It was already known that Language of Thorns was going to be one of them and I had seen pictures of all the illustrations inside the book already so I was super excited about it. It’s probably the prettiest book I own now! Can’t wait to read it when I have time.. At some point.. Haha. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns was the surprise book and it also seems really interesting, I haven’t read a lot of stuff that’s Asia inspired. I actually already had it added as “want to read” on Goodreads so that was a nice coincidence. There was also a signed book plate and a little letter from the author.

So yeah I was definitely very happy with all the stuff I got! I hope I’ll get the chance to buy another box sometime in the future.


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