Inktober 2017

I have never done Inktober before and I had no intention of doing it this year either but so many people I knew were going to attempt it too so I gave it a shot… and I completed it! Yaaay!

What is Inktober?
It’s an art challenge created by Jake Parker and the goal is to make an ink drawing every day in October. So 31 drawings. There are lots different prompt lists that people can use for inspiration (like the official Inktober one) or you can just do whatever as long as you draw something.
Personally I didn’t follow any list and ended up just drawing my girl characters in different outfits because that’s something I really should do more of in general just for fun. I kept it very casual and didn’t put a whole lot of effort in my drawings but some of them turned out pretty decent anyway. The fact that I didn’t stress about it too much is probably why I ended up actually making it to the end.

Because I haven’t done any traditional art in a long time my pen selection wasn’t very fancy. One Pilot drawing pen that happened to still be alive, a Pentel brush pen and some cheap highlighter markers for happy colors.


I’ve posted all my Inktober drawings on my art Instagram so go take a peek there if you want to see all the things I’ve made. These nine are my personal favorites though:

Did any of you guys attempt Inktober? How did it go?



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