Geeky Crafty Things

I’ve recently got into crocheting again thanks to like everyone on the Books and Tea Discord suddenly doing it and ended up making a Wonder Woman scarf, so I kinda wanted to show off that and some other things I’ve made. Because making things is fun.

The patterns for these things are from Ravelry and I’ve included links to all of them!

Wonder Woman Wrap


I haven’t done anything like this in months so it was pretty experimental and I ended up just using some leftover yarns I happened to have in my closet, so they weren’t exactly ideal and the result was a little awkward, but hey the whole Wonder Woman pattern thing looks like it’s supposed to! This was pretty easy to make (only took me a couple of days) so I might try again with a better yarn one day so I can get an actually wearable version of this

The pattern is from here.

Mass Effect Interrupt Gauntlets


I made these such a long time ago! My fiancé and I are both Mass Effect fans so I actually ended up making two pairs so we could both be cool. I had never tried knitting anything but super simple scarves before so these very definitely a bit of a challenge but I think they turned out fine in the end.

The pattern is from here.

Liara Amigurumi


The person whose pattern I used for this has patterns for pretty much all the Mass Effect characters but Liara was the only one I happened to have all the colors for so I ended up making her. I’m pretty proud of how this turned out even though her head looks a little weird because other than that she’s perfect. Amigurumis are cute as heck but the fact that they’re tiny adds a bit of extra challenge to them because you really have to pay attention to what you’re doing.

The pattern is from here.

I might look into making something Outlander themed next because I really don’t have enough Outlander things! The internet is full of fun fandom patterns so I totally recommend searching Ravelry for example if you’ve ever wanted to make something for yourself. They make fun presents too!


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