My TBR Pile

My list of books to be read is probably pretty tiny compared to many but I wanted to make a little post about the books that I have managed to gather and haven’t had a chance to read yet. Mostly because I’ve been more focused on the Outlander series than anything else (literally my only reading goal this month is finishing Echo in the Bone).


Let’s start with actual physical books!

The Stolen Throne and Mass Effect: Retribution have been sitting in the shelf forever and I probably won’t touch them for quite a while because I pretty much only want to read them because they add to the Dragon Age and Mass Effect game worlds. Video game novels tend to be a little hit or miss.

The Sky Is Everywhere, Noughts & Crosses and WaR: Wizards and Robots are all books I got from Lauren. Noughts & Crosses was a thank you gift for participating in the Traveling Book Project last year and WaR was a birthday present. My fiancΓ© was faster than me and started reading WaR first has actually liked it so far, so hopefully I will too when I get to it. The Sky Is Everywhere I ended up getting because I think Lauren’s friend had a bunch of them looking for a new home.

The Sisters of Versailles was a gift from the lovely Ralthuis when we did the Summer Book Swap on Books and Tea last summer.

The Language of Thorns and Forest of a Thousand Lanterns came in last month’s Fairyloot and I’m very excited to read both of them!

Sleeping Giants was a total impulse buy when I was at a book store once. Not gonna lie, I got it because the cover was sparkly.


I also have Guy Gavriel Kay’s Fionavar Tapestry trilogy (in Finnish) which I also kind of impulse bought from someone on Facebook because I’ve been interested in his books for a while now. I kinda like them because they’re pretty old copies.


I also have a few ebooks waiting around. Graceling happened because it was like 2-3 dollars on Amazon and I’m pretty sure I got Radiance because I was once again rewatching Felicia Day’s book club’s Youtube hangouts and it’s one of the books they’ve read and it actually sounded pretty interesting.

A Time of Dread and Paramnesia are both ARCs I got from NetGalley so I’ll very likely be reading them very soon after I finish Echo in the Bone. I’m kind of aiming for A Time of Dread being my Christmas reading if I don’t get to it sooner.

Even though I don’t have it yet, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (Outlander #8) also belongs on this list because it’s just a fact that I willΒ read it.



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