My MMO Home: Elder Scrolls Online

This is a post I’ve wanted to make for a while now. I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online since 2014 when they released the Tamriel Unlimited update which removed any mandatory subscription fees from the game and by now I have nearly 500 hours in the game. Needless to say I like the game a lot.


I’ve tried quite a few other MMOs in the past like Guild Wars 2 and Neverwinter Online but none of them have managed to keep me hooked for longer than maybe 150 hours, basically until I reached max level. I think the reason ESO has managed to keep me around is because there’s just so much content.Β It took me 400 hours just to go through all the main game areas and there are still the DLCs and Morrowind left for me to explore.

One of the reasons Elder Scrolls Online has been a really good experience for me is that it’s really solo friendly. I won’t miss out on much if I don’t want to play with other people all the time. All the quests are fully voice acted and most of the time actually nicely written so sometimes ESO almost feels like a single player game, which I’m very okay with because I can be a bit of a loner in multiplayer games even though I actually do have friends to play with. Adventuring with friends is really fun too though. My fiance and I actually got our characters married in the game!

The lizard guy is Akselmo‘s character Hun-Tra and the dark elf girl is my Mirayna (I love her).

Another thing I really enjoy is crafting. I’ve always wanted to make my own pretty outfits in MMOs but learning those skills has usually taken forever. Not in ESO though. You can get started pretty much right away and crafted armor, weapons etc are actually very useful from the beginning! A few months ago they also added housing to the game so now you can also craft furniture and other random things to decorate your home. Crafting is good times!

My humble room at an inn.

I’ve only played through all main game content with one character, the elf girl in my screenshots above, but since I love messing with the character creation I have made a bunch of other characters over time. I’m so attached to my Mirayna that I have a hard time playing as anyone else though, so they’re stuck being little low levels. I don’t know how some people juggle between multiple characters because you can have up to 8 different ones, or even more if you buy more character slots from the Crown Store.

From left to right: Mirayna, Hanae, Alaina and Seona

Little Info Dump

Since I’ve heard some questions about Elder Scrolls Online quite often I’m gonna go ahead and also answer those here while I’m at it:

Do you still need to pay a monthly subscription to play?
NO! There is an optional subscription though, ESO+. It gives you access to all DLC content and you also get a crafting bag which is an unlimited space to store your crafting items. It’s quite the lifesaver. You also get 1500 crowns a month which you can spend in the Crown Store where you can buy stuff like outfits, mounts, pets (or maybe the DLCs so you don’t need to sub anymore to play them).

Do I need the DLCs to enjoy the game?
No. The main game alone has hundreds of hours of content so you don’t need to get the DLCs right away unless you really want to.

Is this Skyrim Online?
Some of the areas in the game are a part of Skyrim but definitely don’t expect ESO to be just like Skyrim. ESO is an MMO, Skyrim is a singleplayer game, so they’re guaranteed to be different. It’s still the same world though.

There’s like three different versions of the game on Steam. What’s the difference?

That’s all, I just wanted to talk about ESO a little bit. Congrats if you read the whole thing.



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