Game Review: Submerged

I bought Submerged from some Steam sale quite a while ago, I can’t even remember. But I finally got around to finishing it the other day so yay! This is one of those games where you could probably finish the main story in one sitting if you wanted to because it’s so short, but I generally take things slow.


In Submerged you play a girl called Miku who brings her wounded brother Taku to a flooded city. You need to search the city for different supplies like food and bandages to help your brother get better, and there are also plenty of other secrets to find. Every time you find supplies for Taku you unlock more of the sibling’s backstory, and the other secrets reveal the story of the city itself.


This game was really beautiful! It was nice to just explore the city in peace and even though you were basically alone in there it didn’t get boring because you would usually have dolphins and other sea animals following you around or a giant whale would suddenly pop up. There is no combat so you can really just chill when you play this. The soundtrack was also really relaxing and the day/night cycle gave some great screenshot opportunities (the game actually has a photo mode which is why some of my screenshots have the Submerged logo).

The game has no English dialogue and all the backstory in your journal is told in little pictures instead of text, which I thought was pretty cool. Pretty much the only text you see in the game are the little hints you get when it’s time to search for new supplies.

The actual exploration is just driving around with your boat and looking for clues with your telescope, and once you find something it’s very Assassin’s Creed style climbing up high buildings. I had some issues with the boat because controlling it was pretty difficult sometimes and I’m really glad hitting all the walls didn’t cause any damage or anything because I would have no boat left. The telescope also felt a little useless most of the time because you had to be in the exact right spot to actually see anything with it. The actual climbing was pretty straightforward, you just go where you can and hope you don’t miss any secrets on the way. There’s no danger of falling so you don’t have to worry about that.


Like I said already, the main story can be completed really fast. It only took me about 3 hours and that included some time spent exploring the city too. I didn’t bother finding all the secrets yet, but I might try to do that at some point. I got 43/60 so I’m not missing that many.

If you enjoy exploring and collecting things I would definitely recommend this game! I would probably suggest waiting for a sale though because of how short it is.


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