Fun PC Games That Don’t Require a Fancy Computer

You know how a lot of the newer games seem to have really high system requirements these days? That can be really hard to keep up with if you’re not basically made of money, which most people aren’t. I gamed on a crappy laptop for years so I’m very familiar with the struggle of “if I buy this game will it work?” so I wanted to compile a little list of games I like that would run fine on PCs that are not the newest possible machines.

Since Christmas is coming up you can also just take these as fun Christmas present ideas if you happen to have friends who like video games!


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a cute little farming game where you move away from the city to take care of your grandfather’s old farm. It has really pretty pixel graphics and on top of the farming there are also a bunch of NPCs in the town who you can befriend, romance and even have kids with. It’s getting multiplayer in the beginning of next year as well so you’ll get to farm with a friend!

Steam | Gog



I reviewed this game on here not too long ago but it definitely deserves to be mentioned again because it’s a really good game! A bunch of teenagers go on an island intending to party but make the mistake of messing with a radio in a weird cave and a lot of creepy things start happening. I really love the simple art style of this game and it also has quite a bit of replayability.

Steam | Gog


Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Danganronpa is a visual novel type game about a group of high schoolers who find themselves trapped in their school and are told that they would need to kill someone and get away with it to be able to leave. So basically you solve murders! There are a bunch of minigames related to the murder solving and you can also explore the school rather freely so it’s not just reading a lot of text. This game was wild and it has a couple of sequels on Steam too so if you like this type of games and haven’t tried Danganronpa yet there’s a lot to play!




Owlboy is a 2D platformer with some of the most beautiful pixel art graphics I’ve ever seen! You play as a cute owl boy Otus who is mute so other owls can be a bit mean to him. There’s also sky pirates. I haven’t finished this game myself because I’m currently stuck in a dungeon somewhere (I wouldn’t call this game easy) but the little I’ve played was great!

Steam | Gog


Renowned Explorers: International Society

This is another game I’ve reviewed here but that was like last summer so I assume no one remembers. Renowned Explorers is super fun! You choose yourself a group of explorers and go hunting for treasure in different countries trying to become as famous as possible. I really enjoyed the combat in this game because you can choose to approach a conflict nicely, be mean or just kick everyone’s ass. I’ve befriended a giant ape quite a few times.

Steam | Gog


Darkest Dungeon

Something a little darker… Darkest Dungeon is a more challenging RPG where you go on adventures and basically hope that your characters don’t go insane or die of a heart attack before you can complete the quest. This is one of those games where you really shouldn’t get attached to your characters because when they die they’re dead for good, and unless you’re extremely lucky there will be a lot of dying. It’s a really cool game though, and the art style is really cool. (Are you starting to see a pattern on how I choose my games yet? They all have cool art.)

Steam | Gog


Pillars of Eternity

Now here’s a proper RPG for you guys. I have only played a little of it but I remember liking it and my fiance absolutely loves Pillars of Eternity, so you should go check out his post about if you want a more in depth description. I remember the character creation being really nice so that’s always a plus. Only reason I never continued this game is because the ssd on my old PC broke and I lost my save and I didn’t feel like starting over. My fiance recommends getting the Definitive Edition if you end up getting this game because it comes with all the expansions.

Steam | Gog


Dirty Bomb

This is totally recommended by my fiance because it’s one of his favorite shooter games. First of all, it’s free! There are a lot of different mercs you can choose from so there’s most likely a character for everyone. Personally I like playing a healer in this type of games so I always go for this one girl who has a shotgun and can revive team mates really quickly. If you’re looking for a free game to play together with friends this might be worth checking out!



Dragon Age: Origins

This is a little bonus because I tried to focus on games that are not that old but since this is one of my favorite games ever it gets to go on the list! Dragon Age: Origins is the first Dragon Age game and one of it’s cool things is that depending on the race and background of your character the beginning of the game is completely different. There are six different origin stories in total. The result of all of them is that you become a Grey Warden and your mission is to stop the Blight from destroying the world. You pick up a bunch of different companions on the way and you can also romance most of them!

Steam | Origin | Gog

So there, nine different games to check out maybe. Feel free to recommend more games because obviously these are just a few examples that I’ve personally liked!


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