What I Got From My Advent Calendar (Days 1-6)

This is kinda different from the stuff I usually post about but my mom was nice and got me a bit fancier advent calendar this year than my usual 1€ chocolate ones so I decided I should make little posts about what I get from it. I’m doing 6 days of stuff at a time which means 4 posts total because our calendars have only 24 doors since us Nordics celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.


My calendar is from Dermosil which is a Finnish company that sells things like skincare, hair and makeup products. Their advent calendar cost 40€ which is relatively cheap knowing there are a lot of similar calendars out there for even 100€ or more, and my mom and I both knew already that the stuff in their calendar should definitely be good quality so it sounded like a good choice. I also knew their calendar would have items that I would never think to buy otherwise and that’s always nice!

So what have I gotten so far?


Day 1: A cute little nail polish, I think that color is either lavender or lilac. Some lighter shade of purple anyway. The bottle itself says it’s called Candy! It’s a very pretty color but I had to put at least two layers of it on for it to show properly on my nails.

Day 2:  Hand & Foot Night Care cream. This was a nice practical item because my hands can get extremely dry when the weather gets colder. I’ve tried it a couple of times and can confirm my hands are very soft.

Day 3: 4 of those spiral hair tie thingies. I honestly don’t think you can have too many of these because they always end up going missing eventually.

Day 4: A surprisingly pink lip gloss. I’m used to these things having barely any color in them so it caught me totally off guard when I tried it on. Pink is always good in my opinion though.

Day 5: Lime scented body lotion. THIS STUFF SMELLS SO GOOD. That’s all I have to say about it since I haven’t actually tried it yet. Just based on the scent though I might have to get a bigger tube at some point.

Day 6: Another purple nail polish! This one is called Gift which I think is adorable and it also looks very pretty. I have tried both colors I’ve got on my thumb nails so I have a little mismatched thumbs right now because I didn’t wanna paint all my nails because I know the calendar might have a couple more and I wanna try them all!

That’s all of them for now! So far I’ve been pretty happy with what I’ve gotten so I expect the rest of the calendar to be just as nice. It’s fun getting little surprises every day! (I have to admit I also got a cheap Moomin chocolate calendar because those are important.)

Do you guys have fun advent calendars like this? Have you liked what you got so far?



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