J-Drama Review: Good Morning Call (seasons 1-2)

I watched the first season of Good Morning Call over a year ago when it first showed up on Netflix, and assumed there wouldn’t be any more of it so imagine my surprise when they recently added a second season! Best news of the week basically.


Good Morning Call is about a girl called Nao Yoshikawa whose parents move to the countryside but she stays behind to finish high school in the city. That doesn’t go exactly as planned though: the apartment she rented was also rented to Hisashi Uehara, one of the most popular guys in school and turns out they had both been scammed and neither of themย can afford the apartment alone, so they decide to live there together.

First of all, this show is based on a shoujo manga so there’s obviously going to be romance so I knew from the beginning I would love it. Nao and Uehara are both absolutely awful at communicating their feelings so naturally they struggle with every little thing. Uehara also has some really scary fangirls at their school and they both have one or two people secretly in love with them, so there’s a lot of drama. It’s balanced nicely with comedy though so it doesn’t get too overwhelming. When Nao and Uehara get to be alone they’re a really sweet couple.

Season 1 focuses on their high school life which means Nao and Uehara have to hide the fact that they’re living together to avoid getting in trouble with the school. Their relationship slowly develops from mutual annoyance to something else and Nao’s friends get to witness all the silly miscommunications that happen because Nao is silly and Uehara just isn’t very open about anything. It’s all very sweet in the end.

Season 2 jumps to university life, and the focus is on maintaining the relationship in that new environment. Not surprisingly, they still haven’t learned to communicate so that doesn’t go so well… There’s more jealousy drama which actually annoyed me a lot towards the end of the season and I ended up disliking a new character called Natsume quite a bit. Just mind your own business, dude. Otherwise season 2 was just as enjoyable as the first one!

If you’re looking for a cute little romantic comedy show to watch I definitely recommend this one because Good Morning Call is just really fun. I think it was actually my first Japanese drama I’ve watched and I couldn’t have picked a better introduction to those because it just made me really happy.

I must warn you to not watch this hungry though because Nao makes a lot of really adorable looking food!


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