What I Got From My Advent Calendar (Days 7-12)


Week 2 of advent calendar things! Yaaay! Halfway through the calendar now which means only 12 days left until Christmas and I’m actually pretty excited.

If you didn’t see my previous post, I have a Dermosil advent calendar so I get fun things like nail polish and skin care items from it.

So what have I gotten so far?


Day 7: Those toe separator things you seem to get from every advent calendar like this. They’re pink and heart shaped though so that’s cute!

Day 8: Argan Oil Repairing Hair Treatment. Basically it’s some kind of hair mask. I tried it the other day and my hair smells so good now!

Day 9: Red nail glitter! It’s the perfect Christmas red so I’m definitely gonna do some sparkly Christmas nails at some point next week.

Day 10: It’s a pink nail file. Nothing special about it really. I kinda love that all the things I’ve got for this post have been pink or red so far.

Day 11: Red nail polish! The shade is called Love and it actually looks pretty nice. I painted two nails instead of one with it.

Day 12: A pocket size hair brush + mirror. This is actually pretty handy but it’s so hard to open I’m scared I’ll snap it in half every time I try to open it.

And that’s all of them for now! Lots of pink happening. Anyone else excited for Christmas yet? I may have gone a little silly with the presents this year and am waiting for the last packages to arrive so I can wrap all of them.


6 thoughts on “What I Got From My Advent Calendar (Days 7-12)”

    1. Makeup tutorials are fun even though I’m actually pretty useless with that stuff too lol (I’m trying to learn tho). I actually found out calendars like this are a thing only this year too but there’s a lot of different kinds out there! My mom has one that reveals a little bit of a knitting pattern for a pair of socks every day 😁

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