What I Got From My Advent Calendar (Days 13-18)


Week 3 of advent calendar things! This time there was a bit more variety than last time, all the items weren’t pink. Don’t worry, only one more left after this one and I’m gonna make that a proper Christmas post.

If you didn’t see my previous posts, I have a Dermosil advent calendar so I get fun things like nail polish and skin care items from it.

So what have I gotten so far?


Day 13: Lip balm. I’ve actually been using this quite a bit because my lips get super dry especially this time of year and it has actually felt more helpful than the lip balm I normally use.

Day 14: Sauna soap. As you can see in the picture the tube isn’t quite full because it wasn’t closed properly and had leaked inside the calendar! We also don’t have a sauna in our apartment so I ended up throwing it in the Christmas present pile.

Day 15: Blue nail polish. The shade is called Magic and I like the color a lot. It’s actually pretty similar to a nail polish I already own but maybe a little better quality.

Day 16: In Bloom eau de toilette. The scent of this was so strong I instantly decided to add it to the Christmas present pile because I don’t wear stuff like this and my fiance is sensitive to strong scents like this anyway.

Day 17: Lip gloss. Unlike the lip gloss I got during the first week this was more shine and less color, which I’m okay with because it’s way easier to apply.

Day 18: Another nail polish! It’s a very sparkly red and the shade is actually called Santa so I’m definitely using that one if I bother painting my nails christmasy before we’re off to visit family.

Woop, only six doors left to open in the calendar! I’ve gotten so many nail polishes from this I won’t be surprised if there’s at least one more, but otherwise I have no idea what to expect.


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