MERRY CHRISTMAS + Last Advent Calendar Items


Before you’re like “hey you’re a day early”, here’s a fun fact: here in Finland we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve! So excuse me while I’m here stuffing my face with rice porridge because I love that stuff. And ham. I just love Christmas food a lot. The 25th will be spent recovering from all that which for me means I’ll pet my family’s cat and dog a lot which is always nice. I already know I’m getting quite a few books for Christmas so I’ll be sharing those once we get home from our weekend trip to our home town!

For now, have the last 6 advent calendar items:


Day 19: A loofah sponge thingy. I think it’s rather cute with the pink string and everything.

Day 20: Sauna facial therapy mask. Despite the name it doesn’t need to be used in a sauna specifically so I’ll most likely give it a try at some point!

Day 21: Star nail glitter. Pretty sparkly nails are happening!

Day 22: As I guessed, one last nail polish! The shade is called Party and it’s a sparkly metallic brown/grey thing. I’m a fan of brighter colors so this most likely won’t exactly be my go to nail polish but it’s still pretty.

Day 23: Shower gel. Simple as that. It kinda smells like apples which is one my favorite scents so yay.

Day 24: Facial Serum Hyal-X3. This is actually a full sized product so yay! It’s supposed to help dry skin so it’s pretty perfect for me since winter can make my face unpleasantly dry.

Aaand that’s all of them! All in all I was very happy with the calendar and it had a lot different items inside. Maybe a few too many nail polishes but I didn’t really mind that because they were all pretty. I actually put the nail stuff to use and gave myself sparkly Christmas nails.

I hope everyone has nice holidays! ❤

Previous advent calendar posts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

As a little end bonus check out this cute as heck little pig my fiance gave to me!!





3 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS + Last Advent Calendar Items”

  1. This is the first year I also got a beauty advent calendar, and my calendar had a few too many nail polishes too. I am glad you enjoyed the calendar.

    And that little pig is adorable!

    Happy Holidays!


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