2017 Wrap Up

Oh wow looks like the year is ending! This year hasn’t been super eventful for me so it has kinda just flown by without even noticing. I’ve been just trying to keep up with university while spending way too much time on Discord…

I did start this blog though so that’s something! I originally started on Blogger on January 8th with no real intention of posting much of anything and now almost a year later something weird happened and I’m actually posting pretty actively now.Β  I’ve met a lot of other cool bloggers too, especially after joining an International Book Bloggers group created by Eveline from Avalinah’s Books. I’m glad to have finally found a form of content creation I actually enjoy and haven’t felt like quitting after a month!

Now on to more specific topics…




I more than completed my Goodreads challenge! My goal was 12 books and I made it to 16 so I’m pretty happy. I’m not gonna get into which were my favorites because I already made a whole post about it earlier this month but I definitely read a lot of good stuff! I’ll most likely set my reading goal for 2018 at 12 books as well because aiming for one book a month just feels realistic to me.

See my list of favorite books of 2017 here.


I feel like this was such a lazy gaming year for me! I’ve probably spent more time thinking I should be playing something than actually playing…

Here’s some of my highlights in no particular order though:

I really need to try to be better with gaming next year, and since both my mom and dad apparently decided I had been really good this year I got some incredibly nice things from them for Christmas that will definitely motivate me to do that!


My old chair had been kinda falling apart for a long time so my mom and grandma both gave me money for a new one for Christmas so I now have a really cute and comfy new chair which is important considering how much time I spend at my PC!

And yes, that’s a PS4 on the right!! It was a complete surprise from my dad and I still find it kinda hard to believe. It has already gone to heavy daily use since I’ve spent the whole week sick on the couch, mostly watching Netflix but anyway. I did buy Horizon Zero Dawn for it so I’ve been playing that a little bit and it’s definitely a nice game to start 2018 with! I don’t really know of any new games coming out next year that I’d be super interested in so I’m gonna have plenty of time to catch up on other games too.


I don’t really know what else to say here, I don’t really do new year’s resolutions or anything like that because I never keep those. I just want to magically have more time and energy to do all the things I like and maybe try to find some motivation to do art again.

I hope everyone has a lovely start to 2018! Be safe with fireworks and stuff!



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