Sailor Moon Book Tag


Let’s start the year with a little tag! I was tagged a while ago by Amber @ Step Into A Book World who also created this Sailor Moon tag.



A book that did justice to the hype

If friends recommending it very enthusiastically counts as hype Ice Massacre is one of those because it was really fun.


A book character that was smarter than others thought

Agnieszka from Uprooted maybe? The Dragon definitely likes to remind her how stupid she is and turns out she’s quite capable of doing a lot of things because she’s best girl.


An up-coming book you see yourself loving

THE HEART FORGER! It’s the sequel to The Bone Witch so obviously I’m gonna love it to bits.


A book or series with strong female characters

A Time of Dread which I’m reading right now surprised me by having quite a few cool female characters. They’re warriors and leaders and I’d happily let them kick my butt.


A book you bought for the beautiful cover only to end up loving it after you read it

The Bone Witch has a stunning cover and that definitely played a part in my interest in it but I also had already been told I’d love it so I expected good things haha.


A theme song that comes to mind when reading your favorite book or favorite character

This is slightly cheating as they used this song in the trailer of Outlander season 2 but Dear God by Lawless ft. Sydney Wayser automatically makes me think of Dragonfly in Amber.


A book you speed through like the wind

Bubblegum and Ice Massacre were both super fast reads for me!


A book that took you back through time (can be literal or emotional)

Haha… No one is ever going to guess what I’m gonna pick… Raise your hand if you didn’t see Outlander coming miles away.


A book that destroyed you emotionally

I don’t think any book has had that strong effect on me but both Dragonfly in Amber and Echo in the Bone had moments that definitely required some tears!



A book that you knew nothing about and was mysterious to you going into

All I knew about The One We Fell in Love With was the genre and that it had identical triplets as main characters but the rest of the story was a complete surprise for me! And a positive one too, I loved it.



A book/series you loved as a child

Well, Harry Potter obviously, but I also read a lot of Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries when I was like 11!

I tag…

…anyone who likes Sailor Moon and wants to do this!


4 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Book Tag”

  1. This is such a great tag! And I definitely agree with you about Agnieszka. That character was really great. I cannot believe I did not read Princess Diaries – I didn’t even know there were books!


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