Anime Review: Recovery of an MMO Junkie


Morioka Moriko is 30, single, and a NEET. She has dropped out of the real world. Searching for a safe place, the place she ended up… is the online world!! In this online game, Moriko starts a new life as a handsome young man with silky hair named Hayashi. However, she’s an obvious noob and ends up dying numerous times when a lovely girl named “Lily” lends her a helping hand. Meanwhile IRL, she ends up having a shocking encounter with a mysterious handsome salaryman named Sakurai Yuta. After meeting him, the real world starts to change and starts affecting her online world as well?!

Stumbling on this anime on Crunchyroll was a happy accident. I was just looking for something new to watch and of course that name caught my eye because MMOs are cool. The first episode was already so good and the whole series just made me so happy! Excuse me while I struggle to form coherent thoughts about this.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie starts out taking place more in the game than the real world, but it slowly shifts to being the other way around because of how Moriko’s relationships develop. Basically this is actually an adorable as heck romance with a gamer twist! It’s pretty common in these types of stories where the main character is addicted to a game or something that in the end they “get better” and start living a normal life again but this one didn’t go like that. It was more that Moriko found someone who appreciates her for who she is and they can happily play games together forever and it made me very happy.

Since the focus is more on the characters than the video game the MMO they play isn’t anything super deep and for the most part the characters just chat in there like they would outside a game. I love that there were some moments when the viewer was reminded that they were actually in a video game, like someone suddenly just freezing because their player had left the computer or fallen asleep in the middle of a conversation. As someone who has played these types of games there were some things that made the game seem hilariously advanced, like characters being able to sit in trees, but obviously since it’s an anime they can have a bit more free reign for storytelling reasons.

I honestly have a hard time thinking of anything else to say than just “this is a really good anime go watch it!!” because it was just such a happy experience. I loved Moriko and Sakurai is the sweetest guy ever and all the other characters were also really lovely (I wish more of the guild members’ IRL identities had been revealed)! I only wish it had been longer than ten episodes + a bonus episode! Hopefully there’s a second season…



6 thoughts on “Anime Review: Recovery of an MMO Junkie”

  1. I’ve recently gotten into anime and I’ve watched two so far – Sword Art Online and Death Note. The latter was really dark and I am looking for some light hearted anime to try. I’m really loving the bright colours and the happy vibes this gave you – putting it on my radar!

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  2. I’m glad you liked this one! I hope to get to it soon… I know that “soon” for me is quite relative, since I am a slow watcher, and I mean really, really slow, but I hope to start this one anyway!


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