Game Review: Reigns: Her Majesty


I bought Reigns: Her Majesty from Steam kinda on impulse because it looked really fun and it was only 3€. It seemed like a nice simple chill game, and hey who doesn’t want to be queen?

The idea is that you are a queen and have to deal with all the little things that come up when running a kingdom. People asking for money or wanting to be your secret lovers or whatever else you could think of. You have four things you need to keep in a happy balance: church, the people, your kingdom’s power and also money. The thing is, if for example you get the church to hate you completely or are too loved by the people, you die. The stats can rise or drop very easily so you need to be careful and I guarantee you it’s not as easy as it sounds! Every time you die you start over as a new queen, except the story continues from where your previous queen left off.


The gameplay is basically like Tinder, you swipe cards left or right depending on which option sounds better to you. There are some little bonus things you can do with items you get but the basic idea is swipe swipe swipe. I believe this was originally a mobile game and it certainly looks like it, but that’s not a bad thing at all. I really like the style of the game in general because the art is very cute and all the characters manage to look unique despite the very simple style.

Despite how simple the game is I’ve really loved it! It’s very addicting and funny. I forget how many queens I’ve gone through already because I forget to pay attention to the stats (funnily enough the only achievement I’ve got so far is having a queen survive less than 3 years), but because you unlock new events and meet new characters pretty often it hasn’t gotten boring yet!


The game has 42 objectives that you can complete which are kinda down to luck (I have completed about half of these so far), 26 ways to die, and 46 different characters you can meet, so if you are a completionist you’ll have a good time with it. The objectives are fun because every time you complete one your queen gets a new title, so you may end up being Brenda the Merciful who gets burned by the church for example. I’m a little afraid to find out what the less common ways to die are because so far I’ve only seen the ones that happen if your stats get too high or low and I still have 16 more to discover!


I honestly just want to recommend this game to everyone because it’s so cheap and really entertaining and a great way to kill some time. If you don’t want to be queen there’s also a King version of Reigns, which I haven’t tried but I’m sure is just as fun!



12 thoughts on “Game Review: Reigns: Her Majesty”

    1. It’s definitely not easy even in a game πŸ˜‚ Reigns: Her Majesty is super cheap so I can only recommend! There’s also a visual novel type game called Long Live The Queen where you play as a young princess which is waaay more difficult but also pretty good.

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