TV Shows I Keep Going Back To

Sometimes I just don’t feel like watching anything new and just start over one of those shows I’ve already seen a million times. I’m currently having one of those phases so I thought I’d make a list of my go to shows on Netflix.



Bones was so hard to watch for me at first because of all the gory bits but the characters were so lovely I just kept going and I ended up binge watching all the seasons they had on Netflix at the time (8 I think) so fast. Now it’s one of my absolute favorite shows and I’ve rewatched it at least five times despite how long it is. I especially love Booth and Brennan’s relationship because the writers actually allowed it to last instead of breaking them up for drama.



This is no surprise to anyone. I started watching season 1 again a while ago because it’s nice to refresh my memory sometimes. Outlander is not a show I rewatch often because it’s not an easy show to binge, but I still do it sometimes because I just love it so much (and it’s easier than rereading the books).

Gilmore Girls


Gilmore Girls is just such a comfy show! The last time I rewatched the whole series was probably when my fiance and I watched it together about a year ago, so it’s been a while but I still love it. There are so many great characters and it just makes me happy. Watching the Netflix revival series was sad though because it was missing Richard (the actor died in 2014).



I’ve got it bad with this damn show. It was added to Netflix only a few months ago and I’ve already watched the first two seasons at least three times or more and I’ve also been following the third season AND watched those episodes multiple times too. Guess I love me some devil. Send help.

Anyone wanna recommend me anything new to watch? Because I actually just started Bones again last weekend…

What are you guys’ favorite shows that you could watch over and over?


17 thoughts on “TV Shows I Keep Going Back To”

  1. Recently I’ve been addicted to Travellers, Timeless and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix. None of them flawless but all with (some) characters I’ve started to care about (and I eventually did binge both the first Lucifer seasons thanks to your recommendation). For more serious drama I find The Americans brilliant but I mostly watch Netflix when I don’t want to concentrate too much (otherwise I might as well read) so that’s a slow watch.

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  2. I’ve started to watch Teen Wolf from the beginning again, I stopped after a couple of seasons when it was on TV so kinda excited!
    Interested in watching Outlander too, looks pretty good from what I’ve seen! πŸ˜€


  3. I haven’t watched any of these but Outlander and also Gilmore Girls are series I want to watch eventually! I always go back to the comedy series Baby Daddy because I love it πŸ˜€

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  4. I go back to Pretty Little Liars, Outlander and Gilmore Girls a lot. Gilmore Girls gets a bit predictable but that’s because I’ve seen it SOO many times haha! I didn’t like the revival very much though. I missed Richard so much. Oh and Family Guy! I must have seen that show so many times, the reruns on Adult Swim! πŸ˜€


  5. Yesssssss Lucifer! Also Bones.

    My go to lately has been Make It or Break It, that gymnastics show on Freeform (then ABC Family). I rediscovered my love for that and I’m still upset that the third season never finished airing.

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  6. I miss Bones! I was super into it for the first few seasons, and then it kind of fell off my radar a bit (too many shows, too little time!). But the first Christmas episode (The Man in the Fallout Shelter) is one of my favourite Christmas episodes ever!

    I think I have a fair few shows I keep going back to. The West Wing, Stargate, Farscape – basically late nineties/early noughties stuff.

    Show recs – if you haven’t already watched them, I would rec One Day at a Time and Brooklyn 99. I’m not normally one for the half hour sitcom, but these two shows (particularly ODAAT) make me wonder why all TV can’t be that good and that genuinely diverse.


    1. Oh yeah I really love that Christmas episode too!! It’s so good.
      I’ve seen the first three seasons of Brooklyn 99 and it was great, I’m just waiting for them to add more on Netflix πŸ˜€ Maybe I should check ODAAT out because I could really use new cheerful shows!

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      1. I really can’t say enough good things about ODAAT, and the second season is out on Friday, so hopefully there will be even more good episodes then.


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