Guest Post: Cool FPS Games to Check Out!

Since my fiance Akselmo is also a game blogger and definitely deserves more than 5 followers I decided to have him write a little guest post here about a genre I don’t play a lot myself. First person shooter games!

Make sure to go check out his blog BITksel for more gaming related things because he’s very passionate about the topic! He also posts about his own game projects as he is working on a bunch of stuff!


My favorite FPS games

Tecsie wanted to know what my favorite FPS games are since I play them more than her, so here’s a few of them. Some of them are old, some new, multiplayer or singleplayer.

Half-Life Series


Every single Half-Life game I’ve played has been an amazing experience. In the first game, you play as Gordon Freeman who is late from his work at Black Mesa. Things keep going wrong during his day, and suddenly, aliens! At first you only have your crowbar and wits to survive, however the game drops you plenty of guns as you progress through the levels. The first game is an older title, but it still holds up really well. The sequels continue where the first one ended, so my advice is to play them all in order.
What makes it one of my favorite games is the storytelling: There’s no cutscenes, everything is told in the game world and since Gordon is a silent protagonist, it’s very easy to immerse yourself into the world.



Quake games have a huge cult following and they’re still played to this day. They’re rather simple games: Anything that moves hates you, shoot them. I have yet to finish the first and second game, however I’ve played them both and like them a lot. Quake 3 Arena was the very popular multiplayer Quake, however I missed that train as a kid. QuakeLive is very close to my heart and it’s very similar to Q3A (same engine and almost same rules and maps). I played QuakeLive religiously, every day, for many years. It was the first multiplayer shooter that made me want to “git gud” and become somekind of pro. That never happened, but I managed to reach the Finnish FFA Top 10 leaderboards at one point. I still play QL from time to time, but it’s not as big as it used to be.

Wolfenstein 3D & Doom


These two are the granddads of the FPS genre and everyone who is into FPS games should at least give them a try, if not finish them. They’re great games that still shine today, and Doom still has an active modding community. These two are also rather simple games: In Wolf3D you shoot nazis and in Doom you shoot demons from hell. Rip n’ tear.

Battlefield Series


I love Battlefield games, even though the newest ones such as Battlefield 1 aren’t that good in my opinion. Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 4 are my favorites from the series. They’re multiplayer games where you play on large-ish maps, and you have tanks, boats, planes and whatnot at your disposal. There’s multiple game modes, however the most common one is the conquest game mode, where you capture points for your team while defending your own points from the enemy team.

Titanfall 2


Titanfall 2 was such a breath of fresh air when it came out in midst of all the other military FPS games. You play as a guy who can parkour and you use giant mechas to fight other mechas. The singleplayer is fantastic and I recommend it to everyone. The multiplayer can be a bit difficult to newcomers since the playerbase is a bit small, but dedicated, however to me it’s the best part the game has to offer. You can customize your own male/female character and their guns, and of course titans you can call during the match. There’s multiple game modes from simple team deathmatch to capture the flag and so on. It’s a very fast paced game and that gets a big plus from me. Also, I love grappling hooks in FPS games.

Tribes Series


Unfortunately, this series is a bit dead and I jumped into the bandwagon a bit too late. I have played the first two Tribes games, but most of my Tribes playtime is in Tribes: Ascend, a game that had a great premise but was ruined by bad business decisions. In Tribes: Ascend, you gotta go fast. You achieve going fast by “skiing:” Basically, when you press spacebar, you activate skiing mode that removes all the inertia from your character. Now, combine this with downhills and uphills and with a jetpack. Result is crazy fast gameplay. On top of that, the guns in this game are mostly projectile weapons, and my favorite weapon in the game is spinfusor, that shoots blue discs.

The game is a bit hard to explain without footage, so here’s a video of mine about it:

Dirty Bomb


Dirty Bomb is a free multiplayer FPS that has been in beta for long time now, but it’s coming out of beta this year! In Dirty Bomb, you make a squad from three mercenaries that all have their own abilities. They’re also divided in different classes, such as engineer, recon, medic, assault and so on. The gameplay is rather fast and you can walljump, which helps to pull of some crazy maneuvers. My personal favorites are when the map has a tight, small corner, and you walljump over enemies while blasting their heads with a shotgun.

Rainbow Six: Siege


Honestly Ubisoft surprised me with this. Rainbow Six series is an older FPS series and Siege is the newest one. It’s a multiplayer shooter where one team has to defuse a bomb while other team tries to stop that, escort a hostage to safety or capture a specific container in the map. The gameplay is very tactical and requires map knowledge and quick reflexes. Oh and the best part to me is: You can break almost every god damn wall in the game, and usually the map looks like swiss cheese after a match. Making tiny holes to walls/floors just to peek towards enemies is a common tactic. It’s great fun and I recommend it to anyone, but I advice you to NOT buy the “Starter Edition” because even it might be cheaper, it requires much, MUCH more grind to get all the characters unlocked. Just get the basic edition and you’re golden.



Last but not least, DUSK is a damn great game. It’s a homage to old-school shooters like Quake etc. and it pulls that off really well. The graphics of the game make it look like it was made back in 90’s, and the level design has some good old-school feel to it. It’s still in early access and I’ve only played the episodes 1 and 2 (episode 3 is under works), but it already feels like a polished, finished game. On top of the great singleplayer, it has a damn fun multiplayer which is just chaotic mess: max 16 players, in small maps with weapon pickups. Explosions and gunshots everywhere, and if you stay still for even 2 seconds, you’re gonna get killed. If you’re not into early access games, I recommend you to still keep your eye on this. It’s gonna be good.

There are so many other FPS games I like but those are the ones that currently pop into my mind. Happy fragging!



4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Cool FPS Games to Check Out!”

  1. I hope he does get a lot more followers and it’s cool that you did a guest post to help him get there! I haven’t heard a lot about these games but these really do look good. πŸ™‚

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  2. Ah Half-Life and Doom seriously take me back! I miss these games and really want to play through them again.

    Rainbow Siege has interested me a lot since it first came out, but I never ended picking it up. May have to go back and get it.(And big thanks for the edition rec! It’s so hard to tell which one is worth it sometimes)

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