Fun Games to Play With Friends


Since Valentine’s Day (or as we call it here in Finland, Friend’s Day) is coming up I decided to compile a little list of games you can play together with friends or a significant other (or with both). These are all games I’ve played with my fiance and we’ve had a lot of fun with them so hopefully some of these recommendations are fun for you guys too!

Saints Row: The Third


I know there’s a bunch of other Saints Row games out there but this is the only one I’ve played, and it’s also the first thing Aks and I played after moving in together, so The Third is the one to make the list. Saints Row is kinda similar to the GTA games, except probably even more over the top and ridiculous so it was a lot of fun. You can play through the whole game in co-op. There was also a lot of character customization possibilities which was great!

PULSAR: Lost Colony


This is probably a game that requires a group of more than two people to actually work because even though it gives NPCs to help, they don’t do much. The idea is to operate a spaceship together, everyone has their own role like the pilot, engineer etc. and let me tell you it’s not easy! One time Aks and I got attacked by a random ship so we did an emergency warp away from it and ended up flying straight into a sun… Our ship was slightly on fire. It was fun though!

LEGO Harry Potter


Obvious pick because Lego games are super fun and the fact that it’s a Harry Potter game makes it even better! We were extra fancy and hooked a computer to a TV and played this as a couch game since it’s a local co-op so we had to share a screen anyway and it works great with controllers.

Rocket League


I’m not normally into sports games but Rocket League is an exception because the whole idea of it is so ridiculous – football with cars! I’m awful at it but it’s really fun to play with friends. I also love how much you can customize your car with all the silly hats and stuff.

Golf It!


Speaking of silly sports games, here’s a golf one. It’s pretty challenging but that can be part of the fun, and I also really like how the game looks. There’s a lot of different looking levels and players can also create their own, so you can end up in some pretty wild ones.

Fight The Dragon


This is a little co-op hack and slash adventure thing where you can create your own characters and then quest either alone or with friends. The style of the game is very simple but it has it’s charm and there’s a lot of character customization mods you can add to your character. Fight The Dragon also lets players create their own quests, so you definitely won’t run out of adventures.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition


If you want a proper RPG to play with someone Divinity: Original Sin is something you should definitely check out! Yes, it has co-op and even a split screen possibility. You and your friend can both create your own characters and then adventure together as Source Hunters. There’s also Divinity: Original Sin 2 which apparently doesn’t require playing this one first and I’ve heard it’s an even better game.

There’s a bunch of games for you guys. One extra thing worth mentioning is that Stardew Valley is getting a multiplayer sometime in the beginning of this year so that’s something to look forward to! MMOs are also always a good option if you want to play together with people but that would have been a whole other list (see my post about ESO if you want to read about me praising it to high heavens).

7 thoughts on “Fun Games to Play With Friends”

  1. I tried Rocket League but not only am I bad at football, I am also bad at driving. The game is a lot of fun, I just hate how poorly I am at it.

    But I love playing Minecraft and Overcooked with my friends. Overcooked when we are in the same room, and Minecraft every day of the week!


  2. I have played games with friends – it’s actually when I end up playing the most. I would actually really like to try Divinty… for some reason that image triggered my anime-loving side and I feel like I would really enjoy it? And then I would totally want to try Lego Harry Potter. I’m not a harry potter fan but I am a LEGO fan hehe 😀

    My recent post:


    1. Divinity is really cool, I definitely recommend giving it a try if you get a chance 😄 there are a lot of different Lego games too so I’m sure you could find something you like if Harry Potter isn’t your thing

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