My Favorite Fictional Couples


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m a total sucker for romance especially in TV shows, so I decided to talk a little about my favorite fictional couples that I have a lot of feelings for. There’s one book couple, two TV couples and one video game couple.

1. Claire and Jamie (Outlander)


If you haven’t seen or read Outlander, Claire and Jamie’s romance starts out with an arranged marriage so not the most romantic reason but they end up completely falling for each other anyway. My favorite thing about them is that their relationship is solid – only thing that could possibly force them apart is death. Unfortunately misfortune tends to follow them around but they always find their way back to each other eventually. I just love them a lot and hope they get to grow very old together.

2. Brennan and Booth (Bones)


These two are another couple that actually stays together after their long long will they won’t they dance. I love it because so many shows build up these epic romances and then break the couple up after one season because they’re scared it’ll get boring… But not Bones. We get to see 6 seasons of Booth and Brennan’s relationship developing and then 6 seasons of them together!

3. Chloe and Lucifer (Lucifer)


These two are still in the will they won’t they phase and I’m already way too invested in them and live for any little romantic moments they get in the new episodes (not nearly enough). I guess I just really enjoy the idea of the Devil falling in love with a human and they’re just so great together. Fingers crossed the show doesn’t mess things up in the future but I’m pretty sure these two are end game.

4. Shepard and Garrus (Mass Effect)

This is a bit of a weird one because Shepard is a character that you can basically create yourself, but he/she still has a very strong personality that you get to see in the game. Garrus is a character you can only date as a female Shepard, and the whole thing is just so good. They start out as good friends and then awkwardly end up as something more while also trying to save the world. They’re both soldiers so they break my heart a lot when they talk about the possibility of one of them dying during a mission.

I didn’t have any nice screenshots of them on my computer so I dug up a video from Youtube of my favorite scene from their romance ever. It’s beautiful.

Who are your favorite fictional couples?


13 thoughts on “My Favorite Fictional Couples”

    1. Claire and Jamie are truly everything πŸ’– I could think of many other nice book couples too but none of them have made it to the level of obsession I have with Outlander lol. I’m sure I’ll find more eventually though! Thank you 😊


  1. I haven’t read any of these series before but I have been told to give Bones a try time and time again! I will get to it eventually. I also really want to watch Outlander, but I need to read them first DD:


    1. Bones is really funny, you just kinda have to build a tolerance for all the gross stuff they do in it since they deal with dead people πŸ™ˆ Good luck with reading Outlander if you do, that series can take a while because the books are so massive!

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  2. I love Brennan and Booth! Also Garrus always becomes the character I romance in Mass Effect, even when I try to romance someone new… but my favourite fictional couple is probably Tidus and Yuna fro m Final Fantasy X.


      1. Yes! I can’t believe I didn’t see it before, Garrrus is trap! The Final Fantasy games are one of my favourite video game series, but they do take time to complete and some of the stories are a bit… odd.


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