My Elder Scrolls Online Character

If you’ve seen my gaming related posts before it’s probably obvious by now that I’m very into Elder Scrolls Online even if I have been playing it rather lazily lately. One of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that I’ve managed to make a character I love a lot, so I wanted to dedicate a whole post to her just for giggles. If you wanna read more about why I think ESO is really cool in general go read my MMO Home post!

But yeah, about my favorite girl. Her name is Mirayna Bemiil but I usually just call her Mira because it’s easier. She’s a dunmer sorcerer and I’ve been playing her since 2015 when ESO got the Tamriel Unlimited update and removed the monthly subscription.


The picture above is my most recent screenshot of Mira. I’ve been experimenting with the new outfit system ESO added this week! I love being able to play around with the armor styles a little more freely now since I don’t have to craft whole new things every time I feel like changing things up.

Even though Mira is a sorcerer I don’t like putting her in mage robes because I think that she’s a very practical girl and long skirts would just get in the way (she does have one fancy dress just because though). She wears a lot of pink and purple because those colors happen to look very nice on her and the fact that pink is my favorite color has nothing to do with it.Β cough


Something I don’t usually do with my MMO characters at all is coming up with a backstory for them, but my fiance and I have created a little story for our characters since we play together sometimes. The short version would be that Mira is from a rich family and her father owned slaves, my fiance’s character Hun-Tra being one of them, and one day Mira decided to free them all and ran away with Hun-Tra and they’ve been adventuring together ever since. We actually decided on that story before I even made my character so actually making Mira in the character creation was a bit more interesting since I wasn’t just trying to make some random pretty girl.

Since the quests in ESO also require making choices that affect the outcomes a little bit it has been helpful to have a better idea of my character’s personality too, because I have some idea of what she would do in those situations.


I’m not at all good with builds and stuff so I can’t really say anything interesting on that other than I’m working on trying to make Mira a useful healer and I keep Storm Atronach as her ultimate spell just because me accidentally pressing Q and dropping one of those on a crafting station has become a bit of a joke. As long as I can survive questing on my own, my stats are good enough for me. Mira is my favorite magical girl anyway.

Sorry if this wasn’t very interesting, I just wanted to ramble about ESO a little bit since I’ve been getting back into it a little bit recently. I’m currently in the middle of a really long questline in Morrowind and I don’t think it’s ever going to end.

Have one more really flattering picture:




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