February Video Game Wrap Up


February is almost over (thank god) so it’s time for the gaming wrap up of the month! It’s been… Not very eventful in that area. February has been kinda rough on me in general so I haven’t really had the energy for anything wilder than watching anime or Youtube videos.

BUT there are two games that I have tried to focus on this month. Can anyone guess what they are?Β 


Yep, Okami and ESO again! I’ve focused on Okami especially because I’m determined to finish it one day and it’s just such an easy game to pick up whenever and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I’ve actually gone past the point where I stopped playing on PS2 forever ago, so I’ve entered a completely new part of the game which is exciting! You can pretty much expect Okami to be included again in next month’s wrap up because it’s a long game, but I’m hoping to make a lot of progress during my winter break in the beginning of the month. I’m currently 15 hours in.

That mask is proof of my amazing art skills.

I’m glad I also managed to kick myself to play more ESO again because I still have over half of Morrowind left to explore! The game also got a pretty big update this month which was exciting because they added a fancy outfit system so people can play the fashion game without having to craft whole new armor sets every time. The fact that you only get one free outfit slot and buying more costs a silly amount of crowns (aka real money) was pretty disappointing though. Luckily I don’t change my character’s look very often so one outfit slot is more than enough.


In case you didn’t see it I also wrote a whole silly post about my ESO character Mira because she’s great and looks good in pink and purple.

How’s you guys’ gaming month been? Hopefully better than mine!



9 thoughts on “February Video Game Wrap Up”

  1. In February, I played this game called Mulaka. It was a retro 3D-inspired game made by Mexican developer Lienzo about the Tarahumara tribe. I thought it was a really cool look at a culture I never heard of before. With God of War coming out soon, it made me think of all the rich the mythologies of other nations that do not get the same attention, mostly because we do not know they exist. I thought it was both enlightening and fun to play!!


  2. I had a hard time getting into ESO and I feel bad because I felt like I should like it more. I’ve yet to play Okami but I’ve always admired how pretty the game is and have heard great things about it, so maybe I’ll pick it up one day!

    My gaming month has been pretty slow as well, I’ve just been so busy starting a new job. >_< But I did get back into Final Fantasy XIV and have reconnected with some old friends, so it's been pretty great that way. πŸ™‚

    Great post though! I like that you have both video game and book related posts, two of my favorite things. ❀

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