First Impressions: Shop Heroes


So uh… I was really tired on Friday and was browsing Steam and found this gem called Shop Heroes and it was free to play so I installed it and ended up playing for like two hours straight. It’s silly and obviously originally a mobile game and a generic one at that but it’s just so addicting!


Basically you’re a shopkeeper and everyone comes to you to buy weapons and armor. You can invest the money you earn from that to different buildings in the town that benefit you in different ways, like unlocking new workers for you. You have to craft all the items you’re selling so that alone can keep you busy for way too long because customers are coming in constantly and the more you craft stuff the better quality items you can make until you’ve mastered them completely.


On top of running your little shop the game also has little quests you can send people on and if they succeed you’ll get rarer items for crafting etc. There’s also a sort of a PvP element that I haven’t really tried more than the tutorial made me where you just send a bunch of people fighting against another player’s group and hope you win because it’s just all automatic.

After quests you have to let your team rest for a while to gain their strenght back, which you can speed up with gems (real money), like pretty much everything else that otherwise takes time in the game.


The game surprised me pretty positively because I’ve been playing it for quite a few hours already and I haven’t run into a situation where I wouldn’t be able to progress without paying real money. Many free to play games kinda try to trap you like that, and it’s definitely more convinient if you don’t have to wait two hours for a quest to complete, but so far I’ve been fine without any fancy gems and I don’t plan on spending any money on this. Most things have the option to just pay in-game gold to unlock them and since you earn money pretty fast it’s easy enough.

The only thing that makes me a little sad is that most of the cosmetic decorations for the shop and also your character are locked behind gems, but since those don’t affect gameplay it doesn’t matter that much. I’d just like to make things pretty.

Speaking of pretty, I have to mention that I really really liked the character art in this!


Shop Heroes turned out to be a nice time killing game that’s easy to learn half asleep so I’ll probably be wasting a bunch of time on it this month. If you’re really bored it’s one of those things that won’t hurt to try since it’s free and everything. It’s really addicting though so be careful with that, haha!


8 thoughts on “First Impressions: Shop Heroes”

  1. OH! I really like the look of this. AND free ?? let me get that.. Thank you 😘 ((hope it works on macs ..))
    With how you need to please customers, it sorta reminds me of Diner Dash ! I played lots of that back in the day ..


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