My Manga Collection

I did a bookshelf tour some time ago and I mentioned I could go through my manga closet as well so now’s finally the time for that! I used to collect manga when I was a teen so I had way over 200 books in my room back then, but decided to leave all of them there when I moved out because they take a lot of space and I knew my sisters read them too. Last summer my mom made me take some of them back though because they moved to a smaller house. I took all my favorite series and luckily managed to stuff all of them in the closet that’s under my computer.

So, when you open the door you’re greeted with… a mess.


Yes, I keep DVDs in there too because I needed more space for books in the actual shelf and I never watch them.

If you take all the DVDs and the front pile of manga out you’ll find these:


I started reading Arina Tanemura’s stuff when I was like 12 so Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Full Moon wo Sagashite are very dear to me. I haven’t really been following what she’s been working on these days but I still adore her art a lot. Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase is also one of my favorite series ever and I actually reread it last summer and wrote a review of it.

I haven’t read Azumanga Daioh, Princess Ai, Mark of the Succubus or .hack // Legend of the Twilight in a long time but I also remember liking those a lot which is why I wanted to keep them. Black Butler and Bakuman are both series that I really enjoyed as an anime but never got around to collecting the full series as a manga because they’re pretty long and I found them at the time when I stopped hoarding manga so much in general.


Then the front row, now nice and tidy. I loved the Ouran High School Host Club anime so so much (I even have it on DVD!) but I never got around to collecting all the books because it’s so long! Trinity Blood manga is also something I enjoyed a lot but I think they started publishing new volumes so rarely because I think they caught up with Japan, so I kinda forgot about it, which is sad. I have three of the novels as well but I think I liked the manga better. Negima! is another long series that I just gave up with even though it was a lot of fun. The anime was rude and made me cry. The lonely Yotsuba and Yu-Gi-Oh don’t really need to be mentioned because I just accidentally took them from my sister’s shelf, oops.

Then there’s Black Lagoon… I read quite a lot of the manga one summer when I was visiting a friend because the Finnish translation was surprisingly good, but I never ended up collecting the manga a lot myself and just watched the anime. The few volumes I have are there because I managed to convince my fiance to give the anime a chance because he likes gun action and he then wanted to read the manga as well! We’re just missing a couple of books in the middle.

Yep, that’s all the manga I have hidden in here. I haven’t bought new stuff in years even though there seems to be more and more stuff available every year, and I’m probably not going to start again either because their prices are much higher than 10 years ago.Β My sister keeps reminding me about the fact that I stopped buying Fullmetal Alchemist before they finished publishing the series here.



5 thoughts on “My Manga Collection”

  1. Oh, wow, your collection is huge – although it tends to be this way with manga and all the volumes – I think I have 13 volumes of NANA, and also a few short manga because I realized I do not have space to purchase all the manga series I want.

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  2. I loved full moon o sagashite and full metal alchemist. Although I read them online, I would Iove to have physical copies but I’m worried once I start buying I won’t be able to stop πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚.


    1. Haha πŸ˜‚ Fullmetal Alchemist is so long collecting all of them would be pretty impressive! I’m still missing the last two books and my sister won’t stop reminding me of that.


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