My Gaming Corner

This is a little continuation to the bookshelf and manga collection posts that I did, but just about my gaming setup since most of my games are digital only so there’s not much to show there. Note that my desk is rarely as clean as it is in the pictures! I may have tidied up just for you guys.


Pretty much all of my desktop PC stuff used to be my fiance’s old stuff but I’ve slowly replaced them with new things that are completely my own. The mouse is now the only thing that used to be his since it’s still in good enough condition that I don’t need a new one. Monitor was the only thing I actually never had to borrow from Aks since I bought one when we moved in together and sometime later my dad bought me the second one (total coincidence that the two match!).

Fun fact about the desk itself: it originally belonged to my grandparents but they gave it to me when we moved to this apartment because they wanted to get a smaller desk and it was the perfect size to fit in front of the window here. Basically it’s much much older than me!


Now, about my baby. I got it a little over a year ago becauseΒ the PC I had before it had started showing signs of old age and since I had just started university I wanted a computer that would be reliable for not just gaming but also school work for the next four years (I’m studying visual design so I use things like Illustrator and Photoshop a lot and I also do video editing sometimes). My old PC clearly disapproved of me replacing it though because the SSD in it died while I was waiting this new one to be shipped!

I’m not gonna get into detail about specs because I only barely know what I’m talking about as Aks is the one who picked the parts, but they’re here for those that are interested. So far all my games have run great on it and everything else has been great too! I love my baby.


My keyboard is very dear to me because I’ve always wanted a rainbow one but most of them seemed to be really expensive so it was never really an option until a friend mentioned she found one for pretty cheap, so I decided the same one too (it ended up being a Christmas present from my mom but I honestly would have bought it anyway). It’s aΒ Logitech G213 Prodigy.

The headset is also Logitech, the Mass Effect: Andromeda version of G933. I only got them a few weeks ago and my dear Lauren actually won them from a giveaway for me and I will love her forever for that! I’ve really liked them so far because they’re so much more comfortable than the headset I had before them and the mic in them turned out to be really good too, which is nice because I like to livestream games on Mixer sometimes.

As I already said, the mouse is my fiance’s old one, a Steelseries Sensei. It’s a bit wonky sometimes but it still works fine and I can set the lights in it to pink so I have nothing to complain. My monitors are Asus something, just whatever happened to be the most affordable at the time.

All in all I’m very happy with my gaming setup right now, everything is working as it should (knocks on wood) and nothing is falling apart. It’s my comfy corner.


20 thoughts on “My Gaming Corner”

  1. I think if you get one(almost) inexpensive double monitor arm & one under the table tiny headphone holder, you will be really really surprised at how your setup will change. Believe me you will be surprised.


  2. raiiinbow keyboard !! and that chair .. im a bit jealous. Although i’m more a nintendo console player than a computer one, heheh … only got Steams few months ago before christmas and apart of that only gamed on Sims on my computers ..

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    1. Haha I’m kinda the opposite, I’ve had Steam for years but pretty much the only Nintendo thing I’ve ever played on is Gameboy Color πŸ˜‚ My family had a Wii too but I never got to use it much. Other than PC gaming I’ve always been a Playstation girl!

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      1. aw xD Ive never had anything other than nintendo … probably as early in childhood I used to have all of my uncle’s and thats what he happend to own? (we’re only 16years apart so..)

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      2. Yeah the main reason I’ve ended up with Playstations is probably because I grew up with them too so they were familiar πŸ˜€ PC stuff mysteriously happened after I started dating Aks lol

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