March Video Game Wrap Up


Time for another video game update! I feel like I’ve added more new games to my Steam library than I’ve actually played, but at least I can say I’ve actually finished a game this month!

Before I get into all that though, I have a little announcement: I’m going to start posting only once a week instead of twice because so far 2018 has been a lot tougher on me than I expected and I just really haven’t had anything to write about lately. I actually considered just taking a full on break but I figured I’ll try to keep going.

Now, video games!


I FINALLY FINISHED OKAMI! It took me about 36 hours total and I kind of binged the last 3-4 hours of it and my mouse hand suffered from it, but I regret nothing because it was so good. I’m gonna write a proper review for it later so for now just know that Okami is an amazing game and if you haven’t played it yet you really should!


Other than that I’ve mostly just been playing Shop Heroes or The Sims 4 because I’m a tired human and I have a great beginning of a legacy challenge (10 generations of sims without cheats) going on there. The family I’m playing has such great drama going on, including my sim dumping his girlfriend who then refuses to leave the house and since they can’t sleep in the same bed anymore they take turns sleeping instead. Everyone is also great friends with the Grim Reaper.

Like I already mentioned I’ve also got a bunch of new games this month. I got God Eater 2 Rage BurstΒ and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided from the latest Humble Monthly and I also got Tyranny when it happened to be on sale on the Humble Store (so far I’ve only tried God Eater).

I was also a little silly and uh…


That happened. I already have Persona 5 on PS3 so I basically bought it for the second time but it was a used copy so I told myself that it needed a new loving home! I started a new playthrough but haven’t done much in it yet, and I also convinced Aks to start playing it which I found pretty fun to watch. I have no idea if he’ll keep going with it but I hope so!

Next game I’ll devote my attention to will most likely be Pillars of Eternity since I got it a while ago and Aks has been telling me to play it forever because it’s one of his favorites.

Have you guys been playing anything good lately?


4 thoughts on “March Video Game Wrap Up”

  1. Take your time and post as much or as little as it’s comfortable. Life can sometimes get in the way of blogging and we also have to make sure that blogging stays a fun activity and not a chore.

    I am a bit excited for Persona 5 too but don’t think I will get to play it any time soon.

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