Game Review: Okami HD


I first played Okami waaaaay back when it first came out on PS2 but I never actually finished it because I was an idiot and now my PS2 isn’t exactly in the best shape anymore, so I was really excited when they released Okami HD on Steam in December. It was only 20€ too so I just grabbed it as soon as I could. The game was as good as I remembered and I had a lot of fun playing it! I also streamed it a bunch so there’s a couple of videos on my Youtube channel.

You play as Amaterasu, who is a white wolf and also the goddess of the sun, and work together with the wandering artist Issun (he’s a teeny tiny creature) to clear the land of a curse caused by a seven-headed evil dragon Orochi waking up, among other things. People can only see Amaterasu as a normal white wolf, but she is still believed to be the reincarnation of Shiranui, also a wolf that defeated Orochi 100 years ago and died in the process.


First of all, Okami is a super beautiful game! Because of the sumi-e style inspired graphics it manages to still look amazing after over 10 years. It’s like playing in a painting, which is fitting because Amaterasu also has this thing called a Celestial Brush which you can use to slash your enemies or other things in half, make flowers bloom or even change time from day to night if you want to – all by drawing specific things. You get 13 different brush techniques in total during the game. I’ve always loved this feature in the game a lot and I noticed that using the brush techniques was a lot easier on PC since you can be a lot more accurate with a mouse than with a controller.

I loved that there were a couple of moments where you got to just be silly with the brush and for example draw yourself a beautiful mask. There were plenty of fun silly moments in general because the game didn’t always take itself too seriously. Even Amaterasu, who doesn’t even talk, is really funny.


Aside from the main story Okami also had a lot of side stuff you could do, like feeding animals, hunting down specific demons, searching for stray beads… There’s a lot to do if you’re a completionist and the game doesn’t give you super obvious hints about anything so you really get to do some exploring too. I admit that I was sometimes pretty lost even with the main quests but I always figured it out in the end somehow.


I don’t even know what to say really because I just really enjoyed the game a lot. The port was pretty good, only issues I had were with the camera sometimes doing whatever it wants in awkward places but otherwise it was a very smooth run. Combat was a lot of fun because you could combine just normal hack and slash type stuff with the brush techniques. The longer boss fights towards the end were pretty rough on my mouse hand though.

Probably the only part of Okami that I actually disliked was the digging mini games. They could be incredibly frustrating because of the time limit and having another character stupidly following you around. Luckily there weren’t many of them.


If you haven’t played Okami yet for some reason and want 30-40 hours of fun adventures in a beautiful world, go play it! The HD remake is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch so there’s plenty of options.


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