March Fairyloot: Memorable Moments


So in February I decided to be a little silly with my money and order my second ever Fairyloot since the March box was their 2nd anniversary box and everything. Last time I got a box was in October so it’s been a while!

So what was in the box?


Probably the first item I got out of the box was the cork bunting which was definitely a surprise because I wasn’t expecting anything like that. The explanation on the spoiler card made sense how it fits the memorable moments theme (“display your own memorable moments!”) but I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with it because I’m not that crafty, haha. I think one of my sisters might like it though.

Then there was the Bilbo’s Birthday Cake soap by GeekyClean which I love because it’s pink and it smells nice! The Goblet of Fire candle by Paper Flames Candle Coย was also really nice and chocolate scented (poor Aks didn’t agree about the scent being nice though so I think the lid is going to have to stay on). So yay, cute things!

Considering it’s still pretty much winter here in Finland the Toast to the Warden of the North hot chocolate by Eponine was also a very nice surprise. Can’t wait to give it a try at some point!

Also, since I’m a bad blogger I forgot to include the rune scarf by FictionTeaย in the photo because I wore it the other day so it wasn’t in the same pile with the rest of the stuff anymore!! I made it the background of the Fairyloot box picture above though so you can see the pattern there. I’m not a fan of Shadowhunters but the scarf is really pretty.

There was also The Belles bookmark and a tiny little pin that I didn’t even try to include in the photo because it’s that tiny and of course the usual Fairyloot print and bookmark.

And oh yeah, the book!


I had been eyeing lists of March releases the whole month trying to guess what the book could be but this one didn’t even cross my mind, so suprise! It’s State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury and I actually had never heard of it before but it sounds interesting and the cover is very pretty. There was also of course a lovely letter from the author and a book plate included.

That should be all I think! The box was definitely full of surprises this time. I definitely want to get another box again at some point, but that’ll probably have to wait until the end of the year because my wallet can’t deal with the shipping cost and I don’t think anyone can deal with me stressing out over the actual shipping (my box had some adventures on the Finland end this time). Birthday or Christmas box it is!


Did any of you get the March Fairyloot? Did you like it? ๐Ÿ˜€



6 thoughts on “March Fairyloot: Memorable Moments”

  1. I’d really love to get one to try now I can somewhat read in english but … What if I don’t like the book ?! I’m a picky one for fantasy, maybe I could manage if it’s YA… but eh..

    Also, If you’re one to collect enamel pins, you could totally just place the corks simply on the wall and attachs said pins to it ! also that print !!! I just love it, it has that perfect princess-y feels to it !


    1. There are plenty of book boxes with different themes so you could try to find one that you might like more? Fairyloot is also UK based so the shipping to you might be pretty expensive since it’s like ยฃ10 even for me :’)

      I actually own exactly one enamel pin so I might have to start a collection lol ๐Ÿ˜€ And yeah the Fairyloot prints are always so nice!!


      1. yeah, true .. Idk if there’s one even Canadian based, although US based could be good enough; but their dollar is much higher than ours so then again.. maybe one fom afar wouldn’t be too bad, in the end .. xD

        oh.. ahah I just thought of that as I stumbled onto a giveaway of thoses and they were all so cute on their website!

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