April Video Game Wrap Up


Aaaand April is slowly coming to an end. Or more like it has flown by so fast I have barely had a chance to play anything. I really can’t wait for school to end for the spring so I can have some time to just relax for a couple of months. Hopefully I’ll be able to play a bit more then!


But hey, I finally started a new game this month! I’ve been meaning to play Pillars of Eternity for a long time and since I finished Okami it felt like a good time to finally do it. I’m not very far in it yet because I’ve been so tired I only really feel like playing during weekends, but I have got my stronghold already! I’ve really liked the game so far but since it requires a lot of reading I’m trying to save it for when I’m actually awake so I can actually appreciate it.

My character is an aumaua wizard because I must be a magical girl in everything and I think she’s rather cute even though she’s probably buff enough to kick some butts because aumaua are some big people. Her name is Thea!


I’ve also gotten back to a bunch of games I haven’t played in a long time. In the beginning of the month Aks got me to play a bunch of Paladins with him and another friend since there had apparently been some changes for the better and stuff. I can only play like one hero in it though (Inara) so I wouldn’t know, I just try to be as annoying as possible by making walls everywhere.


Then there’s these two. I finished the main story in Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles last summer and haven’t touched it since even though I still had a bunch of stuff left to do, so one night I decided to fix that. I did a bunch of side quests, mostly building bridges and it was actually really nice because Yonder is the kind of game where you can just turn your brain off and chill. I also accidentally found a place called Troll Island and had a giggle because I love it when games make fun of themselves.

Yes, that kind of troll island.

Darkest Dungeon is also a game I haven’t played in a long long time because I remember it being really difficult, but decided to pick it up again anyway last weekend out of boredom and ended up playing for like three hours straight, which is actually pretty rare for me. I actually had a pretty good time with it because I think I’ve started to understand it a little better, and the other day I even managed to beat my first boss in it (Apprentice Necromancer)!

Have you guys been playing anything good lately?


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