Game Review: Jurassic Park


Considering I’m a huge fan of the first Jurassic Park movie I took way too long to get my hands on this game and even longer to actually play it. Jurassic Park: The Game is one of Telltale’s older games, released a year before The Walking Dead, which is probably why I hadn’t heard about it much until I accidentally stumbled on it on Steam.


The game takes place during the events of the first Jurassic Park movie, so the plot is pretty similar: bunch of people are on the island for different reasons and once things start going wrong in the park they need to work together to survive. The characters are all new though: Gerry who works as a vet in the park, his daughter Jess, the merc Nima sent on the island to steal stuff, and a couple of soldiers sent on the island to save any survivors. You get to see a lot of places that weren’t in the Jurassic Park movie, which is cool, and you also get to run for your life a lot.


You know how most recent Telltale games all have really similar gameplay? Definitely not the case with this one since they hadn’t come up The Walking Dead yet, haha. Sure, it’s still very quick-time event heavy but this game was a lot more difficult! Partially because the gameplay was really clunky at times and partially because of the way the quick-time events were made. Having to push buttons in correct order really fast is hard when they only reveal the next button in the combo after you’ve hit the first one and you’re also kinda panicking because there’s a raptor or T-rex about to eat you. I also struggled a lot when I had to push the buttons at the exact right times because it was hard to figure out when that right time was. I actually made Aks play many of these parts for me because I just couldn’t figure it out until like episode 3!

Jurassic Park also had a lot of actual puzzle solving where you got to control multiple characters at once to get them to do the right things in correct order, to turn the power back on for example.

I had to listen to “dammit Billy, get it together” so many times I lost count.

Despite the awkward gameplay I still actually liked the game. It was pretty easy to predict what would happen and some things were a little too convenient and it took me a long time to start caring about the characters even a little bit, but I was mostly there for the dinosaurs anyway and the game definitely delivered on that area. There were cute dinosaurs and mean dinosaurs who ate me many times considering how much I died in the game.

One thing the game did really well though was that when your characters were in danger things were actually pretty intense! You had to react to things fast or you died, usually in some really nasty ways. Especially the final scene running away from the T-rex at the end had my heart pounding like crazy for a good while afterwards!


I’d say if you’re a fan of either Jurassic Park or just dinosaurs in general this game is worth trying, especially if you can find it from a sale. I feel like I always suggest a sale but considering this game is 7 years old and definitely not perfect it’s just the truth (and saving money is always nice anyway).


4 thoughts on “Game Review: Jurassic Park”

  1. I played this a little while after playing TWD and falling in love with Telltales gameplay. I actually really loved the game and wish I could replay it again! (it’s on my ex’s computer though so RIP game)

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    1. Aw man, sucks that you can’t access the game anymore 😦 it’s usually very cheap when it’s on sale on Steam though so you could probably get your own copy easy enough!


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