Steam Wishlist Clean Up


Since Steam summer sales are coming up sometime later this month (I think), I decided to clean up my wishlist a little bit so I actually only have games I’m still interested in there. Yes, this was very much inspired by the Down the TBR Hole thing, except instead of going through the list little by little I just went through the whole thing at once.

I started out with 80 games, and since that’s a lot I’ll split this thing into two posts and go through the first 40 games on my list first!


So, of the 40 games on the list above I am definitely keeping 11 of them since they still sounded really interesting to me and will likely buy them eventually when my wallet allows it. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is especially high on my list because Aks has already played it and told me it’s really good, but since it’s unlikely to go on a big sale for a while still it’s probably gonna have to wait. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is something I might actually buy from the summer sales because I’ve been thinking about doing that like every time it’s been on sale lately.

The 15 games written in blue are games that sounded interesting but I’m in no rush to get, but didn’t want to remove from the list either. That leaves 14 games that I ended up removing!

Most of the removed games just didn’t interest me anymore, and there were games like Ember that have been on sale for like 2€ for who knows how many times (it actually is 2€ right now as I’m writing this) and yet I still have never bought it, so I’m unlikely to ever actually do that.

This first post alone already got me down to only 66 games on my wishlist, go me! I’m hoping it’ll be less overwhelming to browse once the sales start and everything is suddenly discounted. Sure, I’ll most likely add 20 new games to it while browsing my Steam queue but at least it’s now less likely to grow horribly long instantly.

I’ll post the second part of my little clean up next Wednesday, so we’ll see how short my wishlist is left then!Β I totally encourage doing this because I know a lot of people have literally hundreds of games on their wishlist and I highly doubt they actually remember what’s on there anymore.


32 thoughts on “Steam Wishlist Clean Up”

  1. I really love the concept! and you made it super nice to read aswell !

    I always love thoses things, you can find some gems sometimes ahaha my Wishlist is however not long enough to do that so ..

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  2. Hey, this isn’t a bad idea. I probably have a bunch of random games on my wishlist as well. :/ Thanks for reminding me.

    Dreamfall Chapters is awesome, I’m glad you’re keeping that one! I’m afraid that’s the only one on your list that I’ve actually played πŸ˜€ Well, I played some of Sorcery! I think but it wasn’t my thing.

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