Steam Wishlist Clean Up | Part 2


This post is a continuation to my last week’s Steam Wishlist Clean Up, and the idea is basically to go through my wishlist and decide which games to remove from it so it’s a bit shorter and less overwhelming to look through when the summer sales start!Β 

Last time I went through the first 40 games on my wishlist and ended up removing 14 games, which left me with a total of 66 games. Now it’s time for the remaining 35! (I forgot to mention I had five free games on my wishlist as well just so I don’t forget they exist so those are not included in this post.)


From this list 13 games ended up definitely staying. Games like Pillars of Eternity II and Ni no Kuni II were obvious choices, but they’re also on the more expensive side so I’ll have to wait for a bit. One day!! There were also some smaller things like Kingdoms and Castles and Cat Quest (how could I say no) that just had to stay.

15 games were also just interesting enough to still stay on my list even though I’m in no rush to get them. Only 7 games ended up getting removed, and I think I picked so few just because this half of the list was games I had added a lot more recently.

To be honest I have no idea what’s been going on in my head because I had added at least two horror games at some point… I don’t play horror? I guess Yomawari had ended up on my wishlist just because it looked cute and I had somehow ignored the actual genre haha.

After this little clean up I am left with 59 games on my wishlist which is pretty good considering I had 80 before! And since I did a little prioritizing with the games I left on there I can actually rearrange my list based on that too.

If you haven’t touched your wishlist in a while except to add stuff to it I definitely recommend taking a look! I sure couldn’t remember why I had added some of the games I had on there.


7 thoughts on “Steam Wishlist Clean Up | Part 2”

  1. I’m excited about Ni no Kuni but still need to finish the first one which I had on PS3, until my PS3 broke while moving apartment :/

    I also really want to play RiME at some point.

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    1. I’ve never actually finished the first one either but I’ve heard the second one is its own story rather than a direct continuation so I’ve kinda given up on trying haha. Sorry about your PS3 😦


      1. aaaw.. well iknow the developpers split in two. the “good” team went for story of seasons instead .. the crappy ones still on harvest moon and some are not quite happy with that; specially keep the old name although it’s not like “legit” old games in the serie


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