Advent Calendar Unboxing Days 13-18


Since I got a beauty advent calendar again this year I decided to do these weekly posts of what I get from it in preparation for Christmas! It’s a Revolution makeup advent calendar and if you wish to see what I got from it last week, here’s that post.

So here’s  what I got this time:


Day 13: A tiny eyeshadow palette! I think the size makes it super cute but the colors are kinda boring to me, just basic nude/brown colors for everyday stuff and I already have palettes with similar colors, so I might actually give it to one of my sisters for Christmas (luckily she doesn’t read my blog as far as I know haha).

Day 14: Strobe balm, shade Flip. I think this is like a different kind of highlighter? Like more creamy? It looks really pretty though!

Day 15: Little round mirror. It’s already dirty since the mirror side has no protection so I guess I don’t need to worry about smudging it myself.

Day 16: Highlighter, shade Bronze Lights. This is another highlighter that I would probably rather use as eyeshadow since it’s a pretty shiny brown color.

Day 17: Lipgloss, shade Soul. Honestly the lipglosses that come in this calendar are so weirdly big? I’m always down for pink things though so it’s nice.

Day 18: Tiny brush. Okay this is definitely an eyeshadow brush and it’s so tiny it’s adorable!!

I’m not gonna do any swatches this time since there weren’t really any things that would actually show on camera and I don’t wanna poke at the eyeshadow palette in case I’m giving it away.

Have you noticed how highlighter heavy this calendar is? They really want people to sparkle. Aside from the kinda sad dirty mirror all the things have been really nice though so I’m not complaining! Only one more week left…


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