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Many of you may be familiar with the phenomenon of your Steam library mysteriously growing thanks to sales and the occasional free games and Humble Bundles, yet you never actually have time to play all those games that you end up hoarding. I certainly know that feeling all too well, so I figured I should probably do something about that.

Basically I’m going through my Steam library and checking which ones I’ve actually played and which I have not, just to remind myself and hopefully you guys will learn about some new games in the process too!

I’m moving on to games starting with B, so here’s the first half of them! The previous posts in this series can be found here.


51 minutes played

THIS GAME WAS REALLY HARD. I like city builder type things like Cities: Skylines but I’m terrible at them and I couldn’t figure Banished out at all. I was probably like really tired when I tried it though so maybe I should try sometime with a better brain?


The Banner Saga
5 hours played

I have no idea why I never finished this game because I actually enjoyed it a lot and the art is beautiful!! The combat is also very Disgaea-like which is cool. It just made me kinda nervous because I had no idea if I was managing things badly or not haha. Definitely need to pick this up again at some point honestly.


2 hours played

This game is really beautiful but I guess I just couldn’t get into it for some reason? I feel like I’m attracted to all the games from these devs because they look really pretty and then the stories just fail to suck me in because the same happened with Transistor.


Battle Chef Brigade
Never played

I had no idea I even had this game….? I think I got it from Humble Monthly? Maybe? It’s a mystery. It has a really cute art style though!


39 minutes played

More like Baenetta. I have no idea why I never continued this because I was like stupid excited about it coming out on PC!! I’m an idiot and I should play this. Maybe I should stream this actually? Yes? No? Yes?


Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
8 minutes played

I think someone gifted this game to me at some point and it sounded really cool because it’s a rhythm game type thing. I think the reason I didn’t play more than this was because my old PC had some issues with it? That was almost 2 years ago so I don’t remember what it was exactly, but then I just forgot.

There’s some games for you guys again! I’m seriously considering streaming Bayonetta maybe even this weekend if I’m not too tired from visiting family.

Have you guys played any of these?

21 thoughts on “Have I Played This Yet? | B

  1. My friend who is my spiritual sister loves Bastion and its company to death.
    She been bugging me for years to play it and we share a steam library so you know, i could play it anytime i want.
    It’s sad I haven’t cause that game looks amazing.
    I heard Transistor is even better 😀

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  2. I’ve never heard of any of thoses before ! Except Bayonetta. I know somewhat what it was but i’ve never played.
    I just love looking at games and maybe find something I may get for myself, heheh

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  3. I enjoyed Bastion well enough, though I personally prefer Transistor. I really need to get to The Banner Saga because it looks amazing and I really need to branch out on my tactics games from only playing Disgaea.

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