Have I Played This Yet? | B #2


Many of you may be familiar with the phenomenon of your Steam library mysteriously growing thanks to sales and the occasional free games and Humble Bundles, yet you never actually have time to play all those games that you end up hoarding. I certainly know that feeling all too well, so I figured I should probably do something about that.

Basically I’m going through my Steam library and checking which ones I’ve actually played and which I have not, just to remind myself and hopefully you guys will learn about some new games in the process too! All my previous posts in this series can be found here.

This time we have the second half of my games starting with B!


Beyond Eyes
2 minutes played

I think that 2 minutes is literally just me starting the game and the game immediately went to a cutscene I couldn’t skip, so basically I haven’t actually played this one yet. It looks really pretty though and the idea is really interesting (the playable character is blind) so I really need to get to it!


Bioshock 1 & 2
Status: 90 minutes of the first game played

I got both of these games from some sale bundle many moons ago when I still gamed on a laptop which could barely handle the game, so at some point I just decided that heating laptop wasn’t the reason the game was supposed to be scary and I ended up just forgetting about it. And at some point the remastered versions came out and I got them for free since I owned the old ones.


Black Desert Online
Status: 4 hours played

The main reason I wanted to play this game was the character creation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of that 4 hours has been spent in that haha. I couldn’t really get into the game properly because it just felt really chaotic and confusing. Apparently the last time I played was in June 2017 so I have no idea if the game has changed in any way, but I don’t see myself installing it again anytime soon.


Status: 96 minutes played

I’m pretty sure I got this game when my fiance and I had just moved in together and we were very into playing co-op games. Looks like we never got far in it though, I have no idea why because it was in like 2015. I haven’t really had any interest in picking it up by myself but this is probably a good one to keep in mind if we need a game to play together again.


Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons
Status: Never played

I’m pretty sure I got this just because I had some money in my Humble Wallet and I just wanted to buy a game haha. It seems really cute though and I remember my friend saying it’s really good, so I need to remember to play it at some point. I had actually kind of forgotten I had it. I’m not a fan of the fact that it apparently requires a controller to play though because I’m generally lazy and would rather not need to pick up an extra thing to play a PC game.

Aaaand that’s all my games starting with B! Just so you know I’ve actually been playing Bayonetta a lot lately so I’m actually working these games I’ve mentioned haha.

Have you played any of these?

14 thoughts on “Have I Played This Yet? | B #2”

  1. I never played either of thoses..
    However, my favorite french youtuber at the time he was still posting did a lets play of bioshock.. and I watched it XD I like it but not sure it’d be the kind of games i’d play..


      1. Yeah, that’s really silly. I know some others can be used with a controller optionally, but to make it compulsory is just weird. Make it a console game then!


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