April Gaming Wrap Up


Woops, another month has totally passed by without realizing! I honestly don’t even remember what I’ve done this month other than spam my social medias with pictures of our leopard gecko because she’s been more active lately. Also, sorry about not posting anything for over a week, as you can probably tell I’ve been a bit scattered and couldn’t think of anything to write about so I just took a little break.

One thing I remember for sure is that I’ve finally started playing Elder Scrolls Online again! I hadn’t touched it in months for some unknown reason so it was nice to do some adventuring there again. Maybe I’ll actually finish Summerset one day after all! I’ve been just running around doing all the quests in the area and I also did the Elsweyr prologue quest, which I definitely recommend checking out because it was pretty exciting (and available for everyone)!


My Mass Effect 2 and Persona 5 replays have been kinda on pause lately because I just haven’t felt like picking up either of them, but since they announced Persona 5 The Royal this week I got very motivated to continue Persona again! Gotta finish that replay before next year!

I also got a couple of new games from sales and Humble Monthly etc. so I’ve been trying those out as well. First of all I got The Last Guardian for PS4! I’ve been curious about that game for a while now and it’s really cute, but I haven’t been playing it an awful lot because it’s just challenging enough that I feel like I need to actually be awake to get anywhere in it. Trico is adorable though!


I also got the most recent Humble Monthly because I wanted to try Assassin’s Creed: Origins on PC just to see if it would be more comfortable to play because my eyes always get so tired squinting at tiny map icons and stuff when playing it on PS4.

They also revealed another game from that bundle already which turned out to be Wandersong which happened to be on my wishlist so I was very happy about that! I’ve tried Wandersong a little bit and it’s extremely colorful and cute but I’m struggling with some of the rhythm game things a little.


Another new game I got was Islanders, which I just went and bought full price because it was only 5€ and it turned out to be a really fun relaxing game! It’s like a casual chill version of a city builder game that you don’t need to spend hours on but you definitely can if the mood strikes. I’m really happy I got it because I finally have something other than Coloring Pixels to play when I’m too tired to play anything more complicated!


You’d think that was all my new games but nah, I got a little surprise just today actually! There’s this website called Keymailer which is basically like Netgalley but for video games, and I happened to get a game request approved for the first time! And it was Kynseed of all things! I’ve been following that game on Twitter for months and considered buying it multiple times too so I was so excited that my request got approved! I tried it for a bit over an hour just now and I’m really liking it so far, so I guess I know what I’m playing this weekend.


Have you guys played anything fun this month?

8 thoughts on “April Gaming Wrap Up”

  1. Ahhhhh I love your Elder Scrolls armor!!! I’m still playing through Divinity: Original Sin 2 which seems to be taking FOREVER. I have a copy of The Last Guardian to play that I got for Christmas but just haven’t found time for it yet.

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  2. Kynseed looks awesome. It’s been on my Steam wish list for ages, and even though it’s not that expensive, I’m still holding out. If you don’t face any problems with it, I might finally grab it!

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  3. So many games !!
    Islanders looks pretty chill indeed, and I SO WANNA PLAY KINSEED!!! But gotta wait full release… with what happened with graveyard keeper last time… im kinda scared my mac wouldnt play it (though it clearly said it was mac playable 😓)

    Ive been playing sims 4 in masse lately 😂 aswell as a new game app on my ipad called « my hospital ».. quite addicting. Oh! And I got back into pocket camp aswell

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