Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2020


I realized I’ve accumulated quite a few 2020 games on my wishlist over the past few months, so I thought it could be fun to share some of the ones I’m especially looking forward to this year! Most of them don’t have any kind of release dates just yet (other than 2020), but all of them seem really cool and some have demos available if you’re curious and want to try them out.


Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is a game where you work in a coffee shop and have conversations with different people who visit it, and these people are often fantasy creatures! It reminds me a lot of VA-11 Hall-A which is also a game I really enjoyed, so I’m excited to try it out. Coffee Talk has a demo available and planned release is actually in January 2020 aka this month!



In Spiritfarer your job is to manage a boat that houses spirits who are preparing to move on, and you have to help them with that by solving any problems they might have. I played a demo of this during the Steam Game Festival in December and I absolutely loved it, so I’m really excited for it to come out sometimes this year (there is not specific release time yet).



Haven is a scifi RPG where you play as a couple who has escaped to live on an unknown planet. You can play it either alone, controlling both characters or co-op with someone. I also tried a demo of this during the Steam Game Festival and fell in love with the main characters immediately because they had such a nice relationship! The combat was also really interesting and I can see it being fun in co-op because some enemies require the two characters attacking at the same time etc. Haven also doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s planned for 2020!



Röki is an adventure game inspired by Nordic folklore. You play as Tove who is looking for her family and meets all sorts of creatures and mysteries on the way. I’ve followed Röki on Twitter for a few months already because I’m a sucker for Nordic stories and it looks really cute! They also had a demo available during Steam Game Festival and while I’m terrible at solving puzzles I still really enjoyed it because it was really cute. You can make friends with creatures instead of fighting them! Röki is also coming out sometime in 2020, no details yet.


Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara is a farming/crafting game where you take care of your own island and you can also hop on a boat and go explore other islands. There’s also lots of cute animal friends! This is another game I’ve followed on Twitter for a long time and it looks so fun and colorful I’m excited to try it out when it eventually comes out! According to their Twitter the release date is sometime in early 2020.


Cris Tales

Cris Tales is a JRPG inspired game where you play as Crisbell who is a Time Mage, so basically she can move between past, present and future. I first found out about it during E3 2019, and the beautiful unique art style really stood out to me so I had to look into it further. They had a demo available (still do) so I poked around in it a little bit and it seemed really fun and I’m looking forward to the full game release sometime this year!


These are just a few of my upcoming highlights, but I hope you found something interesting from this list to look forward to as well! Are there any other games you think I should be on the look out for?

15 thoughts on “Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2020”

  1. Oh wow ! I’m always looking for new games to try and I never quite find what I like, but those look amazing ! I’ll definitely check them out when they come out !

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  2. OHH I’m so here for coffee talk! I hope it comes to switch aswell, as for now it isn’t available for my mac ; VA-11 Hall-A is still on my wishlist from the first time you mentioned it to me for one, and for two i’m a real life barista — so OMG Id love that!


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