Review Policy & Rating System

Review Policy

If you wish for me to review your book please read this little thing first. Keep in mind that I am a pretty slow reader, so depending on how busy I am with life reading your book will take me at least a month or longer.

I am located in Finland, but if you still want to send me physical copies to review that’s perfectly fine. I also use the Kindle app to read so ebooks that work for Kindle are great!

I will only do honest reviews, so basically I won’t give a positive review just because someone tells me to if it’s just not my opinion. I will also share my reviews on Goodreads and Twitter! (I believe you need to shop a certain amount on Amazon to leave a review so that’s not an option for me.)

Contact me at tecsielity[at]

Genre Preferences:
Romance (preferably combined with any of the above)

I read mostly YA these days, but I’m not afraid of adult books either (my favorite series is Outlander after all).

Note: even though this is mostly for books, if you’re a video game person and would like me to review your game feel free to contact me as well!

Rating System

My system is simple and I’m usually a pretty kind reviewer but here are the definitions of my ratings anyway. I give hearts instead of stars just because it fits my blog aesthetic better.

dc7b4-fivestars= Best thing ever, I will probably never stop talking about it!

09015-fourstars= I really really liked it!

a7b33-threestars= It was pretty good!

c79ab-twostars= Not the greatest thing ever.

onestar= Bad. Not that you’re likely to see this rating from me often.

Note: I don’t use these for games because usually if I actually bother playing a game enough to want to write about it that already means I’d give it at least three hearts.