My Elder Scrolls Online Character

If you’ve seen my gaming related posts before it’s probably obvious by now that I’m very into Elder Scrolls Online even if I have been playing it rather lazily lately. One of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that I’ve managed to make a character I love a lot, so I wanted to dedicate a whole post to her just for giggles. If you wanna read more about why I think ESO is really cool in general go read my MMO Home post!

But yeah, about my favorite girl. Her name is Mirayna Bemiil but I usually just call her Mira because it’s easier. She’s a dunmer sorcerer and I’ve been playing her since 2015 when ESO got the Tamriel Unlimited update and removed the monthly subscription.


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My Favorite Fictional Couples


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m a total sucker for romance especially in TV shows, so I decided to talk a little about my favorite fictional couples that I have a lot of feelings for. There’s one book couple, two TV couples and one video game couple.

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Fun Games to Play With Friends


Since Valentine’s Day (or as we call it here in Finland, Friend’s Day) is coming up I decided to compile a little list of games you can play together with friends or a significant other (or with both). These are all games I’ve played with my fiance and we’ve had a lot of fun with them so hopefully some of these recommendations are fun for you guys too!

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Book Review: Undercover Princess


Undercover Princess by Connie GlynnΒ 

Lottie Pumpkin is an ordinary girl who longs to be a princess, attending Rosewood Hall on a scholarship.

Ellie Wolf is a princess who longs to be ordinary, attending Rosewood Hall to avoid her royal duties in the kingdom of Maradova.

When fate puts the two fourteen-year-olds in the same dorm, it seems like a natural solution to swap identities: after all, everyone mistakenly believes Lottie to be the princess anyway.

But someone’s on to their secret, and at Rosewood nothing is ever as it seems…

Christmas present ARC from Lauren ❀ which she originally got from YALC.

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Guest Post: Cool FPS Games to Check Out!

Since my fiance Akselmo is also a game blogger and definitely deserves more than 5 followers I decided to have him write a little guest post here about a genre I don’t play a lot myself. First person shooter games!

Make sure to go check out his blog BITksel for more gaming related things because he’s very passionate about the topic! He also posts about his own game projects as he is working on a bunch of stuff!


My favorite FPS games

Tecsie wanted to know what my favorite FPS games are since I play them more than her, so here’s a few of them. Some of them are old, some new, multiplayer or singleplayer. Continue reading “Guest Post: Cool FPS Games to Check Out!”


January Video Game Wrap Up


I’m gonna start doing this monthly thing where I talk about all the games I’ve played during the month, partially because it’s always fun to talk about games and partially as an easy way to keep track of what I do with my life.

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TV Shows I Keep Going Back To

Sometimes I just don’t feel like watching anything new and just start over one of those shows I’ve already seen a million times. I’m currently having one of those phases so I thought I’d make a list of my go to shows on Netflix.



Bones was so hard to watch for me at first because of all the gory bits but the characters were so lovely I just kept going and I ended up binge watching all the seasons they had on Netflix at the time (8 I think) so fast. Now it’s one of my absolute favorite shows and I’ve rewatched it at least five times despite how long it is. I especially love Booth and Brennan’s relationship because the writers actually allowed it to last instead of breaking them up for drama. Continue reading “TV Shows I Keep Going Back To”


BLOG TOUR: A Time of Dread by John Gwynne (Review + Guest Post)


A Time of Dread by John Gwynne
Amazon | TBD
The Ben-Elim, a fierce race of warrior-angels, burst into the Banished Lands over a hundred and thirty years ago. They were in pursuit of their eternal enemy, the Kadoshim demon-horde. On that day a great battle was fought, the Ben-Elim and Kadoshim joined by allies from the races of both men and giants, and a great victory was won.

Now much of the Banished Lands is ruled by the Ben-Elim, who have made this world their home, extending their influence and power as they swallow ancient kingdoms into the protective grasp of their ever-extending borders. But peace is fragile within the realm and the Kadoshim that remain are now amassing on the edges of the empire….

Threats long in the shadows are about to strike.

Review copy received via NetGalley

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