Disclaimers & Privacy Policy


The main purpose of this blog is fun, and all opinions are very much my own. I am not compensated in any way for any reviews and if for example book is received from a third party it will be mentioned and it won’t affect my opinion of them.

Images like book covers or anime/game logos belong to their respectful owners, and usually come from the website where I find all the other info on them which I always link in my posts (Goodreads, Steam or Crunchyroll). Any photos and game screenshots are always taken by me. The blog header/logo and any graphics in my posts that are not for things like tags are made by me.

Privacy Policy

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Jetpack also tracks the number of views on pages, clicks, posts, search engine terms, and countries for statistics purposes, using your IP address. Cookies are also used to remember you and your preferences. They’re only set when user interacts with Jetpack comments.

We will never sell your personal data or use them in any other fashion other than personal statistic purposes.

In short: I as a blogger can see data as graphs in my blog dashboard but can’t use that data to make money.