December Video Game Wrap Up


Time for the final gaming wrap up of the year! I can’t believe I’ve actually managed to do these every month because this was just this random idea at the end of last year when I was doing the 2017 wrap up and I couldn’t remember which games I had actually played that year. This time I can very easily check that out!


First of all, I finally finished God of War! I’m very glad my classmate mentioned it has a “secret ending” because it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to go looking for that after the first credits. I’d have just continued exploring side quests forever haha. I really enjoyed the game (as I already mentioned in my Favorite Games of 2018 post) and that’s gonna be my first game review of 2019 once I get around to actually writing it. I’ll probably keep looking for some extra stuff like freeing dragons when I’m in the mood for some dad of boy again.

Thanks to Christmas I ended up getting a bunch of new games from friends (and from myself) this month too. First of all, my fiance bought me Vampyr (and also the Skyrim Special Edition but I haven’t even installed that yet), which I’ve only played for about an hour so far but it seems really interesting. The controls in it feel a bit clunky but not bad enough that it would bother me a lot since the story has got me curious. I don’t think I’ve ever actually played a game specifically about vampires before!

Just hanging out in a bar covered in blood, no biggie.

We also did a game secret santa with some friends, and my santa got me three games: Life is Strage: Before the Storm, Phantom Brave and A Rose in the Twilight. I haven’t played Phantom Brave or Rose in the Twilight yet but they’re both games I’ve been eyeing for a long time (and I’m a fan of Disgaea so Phantom Brave especially has been on my list for ages) so I’m excited to play them eventually.

I decided to play LiS: Before the Storm first since I know it’s a short and chill game so it’s a nice way to kinda get myself back into proper gaming mood. I’m not sure how far into episode 1 I am but I’m surprised how nice it is because I’m not the biggest fan of Chloe and that’s who I have to play as. I’m actually looking forward to playing more.


I also treated myself to Monster Prom, which I’ve been interested in ever since it came out, and I’m probably going to give it a try as soon as I’m done writing this post, and I also did a little impulse buy in the local game store today and bought Gravity Rush Remastered for PS4. I had no idea what that game is like, it just happened to be cheap and the cover looked cute and I have a vague memory of someone telling me at some point that it’s a good game, so I just went for it. And it is pretty cool! The whole floating thing had me a bit confused at first, but it’s pretty fun once I sort of figured it out.


So uh, yeah, I have a lot to play! Since I finally have some free time I’m gonna really try and relax with some good games.

Have you guys had time to enjoy any fun games during the holidays or just in general this month?


20 thoughts on “December Video Game Wrap Up”

  1. I have to admit I haven’t played that many games from 2018, though I do have God of War on the backburner and do intend to get around to it at some point. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

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    1. I think God of War, Detroit: Become Human and Spyro were my only bigger 2018 releases I ended up picking up so I haven’t been playing that many 2018 games either 😀 God of War is really good!

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      1. Tecsie! Great post. I agree with you and Red Metal. God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and Spider-Man are indeed amazing 2018 releases. Have you tried Assassin’s Creed titles as well?

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      2. Thanks! I have Assassin’s Creed Origins but haven’t gotten very far in it yet and I’ve been kinda eyeing Odyssey but I’m waiting for it to get a bit cheaper 😀


  2. I loved Gravity Rush Remastered – I played the original on the Vita, and portability aside, it’s nice to not have the urge to awkwardly tilt my head while I try to position Kat to fall 90 degrees to the left so she can kick an enemy.

    I recently played Disgaea 1 Complete. It was a nice trip back since playing the original on the PS2 a long time ago. Good luck with Phantom Brave.

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    1. Haha yeah it took me a while to figure out the controls for Kat on PS4! :’D The game has been really fun so far! And thanks, I think I’m really gonna need some luck with Phantom Brave because I’ve never finished any of the NIS games I’ve started despite enjoying them a lot!

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  3. Love GoW such an amazing series. I haven’t played the newest installment but it looks amazing. I got We Happy Few this month from my hubby for my birthday. Not very far in the game but I’ve really enjoyed it.

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      1. That’s so funny but also amazing that you were able to enjoy it. Despite being new to the series. Which is always a plus. Thanks, I felt really compelled to play it after I read Brave New World.

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  4. I love your video game wrap ups, I really want to start doing them next year and actually blogging more about video games. Especially as I’m now drowning in games from my Humble Bundle subscription that I never got around to playing…

    For Christmas I got Far Cry 5 and The Last Guardian, as well as Sims 4 Get to Work & the parenting pack. So far all I’ve played is FC5 because I literally can’t stop playing it lol. Next month I’m also FINALLY going to be getting my Switch and am very much looking forward to Stardew Valley and Pokemon!

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    1. Yeee definitely start doing gaming wrap ups too, and more game blogging in general is always cool! 😀
      I think The Last Guardian is on my wishlist too but I haven’t gotten around to buying it yet! Also, very jealous about the Switch because I kinda want one too but it’s still so expensive here :’D

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      1. Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye on the price praying it would come down but Nintendo games/consoles just don’t depreciate very much which makes them much harder to afford. Me and my partner decided that as I’ve been wanting one since it was released, we’ve put some money aside to buy one as a gift for myself when I submit my PhD application so it will be a super great reward. Not looking forward to having to pay so much money for the games though D:

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  5. God of War is such a fun game, I’ve spend a day just watching someone play it. I’m hoping to do more gaming next year, hope your year is full of gaming!

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