What’s in My Bookshelf

How about a little bookshelf tour! Does that sound fun? I’m gonna do it anyway. I even tidied my shelf just for this.

I live in a tiny apartment so I don’t have that much shelf space, so this isn’t going to be super impressive, sorry about that in advance. At least I can very easily show all my books at once! And a little extra.


Let’s start from the top shelves! Yes, the first one doesn’t even have books at all, just a bunch of DVDs and blu-rays I didn’t want to hide in a closet. And funko pops (from left to right: Daenerys, Claire, Naryu, Ryder and Wonder Woman). All my bookmarks are hidden behind the Gilmore Girls box.

Next one is mainly my Outlander shelf, but there are some Harry Potter things as well, like my Ravenclaw edition of the Philosopher’s Stone and also Cursed Child. And all the movies. One my Outlander books is currently hiding in the bedroom since I’m reading it right now.


Next up is my paperback shelf! There are both my fiance’s and my own books mixed together, but most of them are mine. I don’t really organize these in any fancy way other than by size, and ASOIAF books obviously need to be in one pile. I’ve read 14/23 of these I think, not including the couple of Harry Potter books on the right.

The shelf below has all the heavy books. On the left there are a bunch of video game related things like art books etc, and then my few graphic novels and all my other hardcover books and bigger paperbacks. The giant Lord of the Rings book in the middle is one of the few books my fiance has actually read from cover to cover from our shelf, which is pretty impressive.


And finally the bottom shelf, which is all Finnish books. The whole Harry Potter series, the one Robin Cook book I didn’t give away, Guy Gavriel Kay’s Fionavar Tapestry trilogy (which I still haven’t read) and some random things that belong to my fiance. Can you tell my Harry Potter books have been through some tough love? They’ve been read multiple times by me, both of my sisters and also my fiance since he only had the two paperbacks in the earlier picture before he met me!

I’m kinda at a point where I need to rearrange my bookshelf every time I get a new book, and I think I’m slowly reaching the point where I have to figure out other places to put them. Oops.

I also have a small closet full of manga, but I didn’t feel like tidying that up for this post, sorry. BUT if anyone is interested I could do a separate post about my manga collection? Yes? No?


10 thoughts on “What’s in My Bookshelf”

  1. Nice tour! I always love to see how other orgaanise their shelves. And I can clearly see that you do love Outlander 😜 I mean dedicating a whole shlf to it? I am impressed 😊

    I am not much into Manga but yeah I am definitely into a tour 😊

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  2. I love how all your heavy books have their own shelf, hehe. It’s always intriguing to see how people sort out their shelves. I love all the funko pops and merch and decorations you have on one shelf too! I also have a shelf for my DVDs as well. I collect them like I collect books πŸ˜€


    1. Thanks! The shelf isn’t the sturdiest so I’m honestly scared something bad would happen if I kept the heaviest things anywhere higher πŸ˜‚ I used to collect DVDs a lot more but after Netflix became a thing I’ve kinda gotten lazy with that.

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